Meet the latest anti-snoring device that literally requires patients to ‘take it on the chin’.

Belgian medtech Nyxoah has been working on an anti-snoring device that has been approved for use in Europe and now the UK.

But unlike pillows, or even chin-straps this device has to be implanted in a 15 minute procedure. And every night you have to place a sticky patch on your chin to activate the device.

But its technique, which involves activating nerves and muscles to stop the tongue and airway collapsing during sleep has worked in clinical trials thus far hence its regulatory approval.

While it remains a private company, the ASX’s own large cap health stock Cochlear (ASX:COH) is an investor in it. Cochlear, which was $2.90 at its 1995 IPO but is over $200 now, invested $21m in its last funding round.

Our markets remain well short of Cochlear’s rise but nonetheless have moved up today. The ASX Small Ords has gained 0.67 per cent to 2,813 points, while the ASX 200 is up 0.19 per cent to 6,483 points. This has come despite ABS construction work done falling 3.8 per cent.

Going up

Westfield spin-off tech platform OneMarket (ASX:OMN) climbed 19 per cent before being halted at 11.30am. There is speculation it will be broken up.

Opthea (ASX:OPT) had nothing new to announce today but investors have continued to buy into the optometry play since its breakthrough three weeks ago. It gained another 21 per cent today.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday August 28:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
LKO Lakes Oil NL 0.002 +100.00% $66.7M 1.7M
GLA Gladiator Resources Ltd 0.003 +50.00% $2.2M 8.8M
SUR Sun Resources NL 0.003 +50.00% $4.0M 686.7k
KEY Key Petroleum Ltd 0.01 +40.00% $11.7M 97.5M
UTR Ultracharge Ltd 0.004 +33.33% $2.1M 1.2M
WWG Wiseway Group Ltd 0.24 +26.32% $33.4M 112.3k
MGT Magnetite Mines Ltd 0.005 +25.00% $4.0M 200.0k
PBX Pacific Bauxite Ltd 0.005 +25.00% $2.0M 607.8k
REV Real Estate Investar Group Ltd 0.01 +25.00% $2.3M 80.0k
YPB YPB Group Ltd 0.005 +25.00% $5.7M 1.4M
OPT Opthea Ltd 3.26 +20.74% $804.3M 970.4k
MTO Motorcycle Holdings Ltd 2.18 +20.44% $134.5M 202.1k
TV2 TV2U International Ltd 0.012 +20.00% $31.1M 32.0M
SHE Stonehorse Energy Ltd 0.02 +20.00% $7.2M 515.0k
OMN OneMarket Ltd 0.8 +19.40% $83.1M 509.4k
NET NetLinkz Ltd 0.16 +19.23% $249.4M 2.6M
LER Leaf Resources Ltd 0.03 +17.86% $10.2M 28.3k
DTR Dateline Resources Ltd 0.0035 +16.67% $28.5M 250.0k
SRN Surefire Resources NL 0.01 +16.67% $3.5M 470.0k
GUL Gullewa Ltd 0.03 +15.38% $4.7M 130.0k
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Going down

Many of today’s losers continued a downward trend from yesterday, including AJ Lucas (ASX:AJL) and SpeedCast (ASX:SDA).

The biggest declining stock today is RPM Automotive Group (ASX:RPM), which fell 46 per cent from its last closing price. This stock is a backdoor listing from the ashes of Kairiki Energy, which was suspended in May 2016.

While the company has raised capital to re-enter the market, some long-suffering shareholders took the chance to exit.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday August 28:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
RPM RPM Automotive Group Ltd 0.16 -45.95% $1.5M 786.2k
CZN Corazon Mining Ltd 0.002 -33.33% $3.3M 37.5k
SYT Syntonic Ltd 0.003 -25.00% $5.1M 3.2M
AJL AJ Lucas Group Ltd 0.14 -22.22% $112.5M 362.9k
XCD XCD Energy Ltd 0.01 -20.00% $3.9M 259.1k
DTM Dart Mining NL 0.004 -20.00% $4.1M 47.9k
DDT DataDot Technology Ltd 0.005 -16.67% $4.1M 4.6M
PWN Parkway Minerals NL 0.006 -14.29% $4.3M 4.5M
MCT Metalicity Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $3.7M 703.0k
GMC Gulf Manganese Corp Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $34.6M 1.0M
AO1 AssetOwl Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $1.8M 100.0k
ADV Ardiden Ltd 0.003 -14.29% $5.1M 3.0M
SDA SpeedCast International Ltd 0.98 -13.72% $231.4M 13.7M
NOR Norwood Systems Ltd 0.0035 -12.50% $7.3M 450.0k
9SP 9 Spokes International Ltd 0.02 -12.00% $21.8M 8.4M
YOJ Yojee Ltd 0.06 -11.59% $51.7M 821.0k
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