Gyms are closed, home exercise equipment has been stripped from store shelves, and now punters are paying a premium for truly suspect second-hand gear.

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Today, the Australian government also lifted a recently announced 30-minute time limit restriction on haircuts.

“It was very apparent that it was an impractical limitation,” Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth said.

“I know my wife has never been to the hairdresser for less than 30 minutes and neither have I to be frank.”

Arguably more important is the US Senate finally passing a massive $US2 trillion ($3.3 trillion) economic relief package to cushion the worlds #1 economy and, by extension, the world.

On the back of this US stimulus deal, or the haircut thing, the ASX is currently green for the 3rd day in a row.



Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Thursday March 26:

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LLO Lion One Metals 1.37 57.47% $102.7M
CTO Citigold Corporation 0.003 50.00% $7.3M
FGO Flamingo 0.002 50.00% $1.1M
NVO Nvoi 0.007 40.00% $10.5M
ATS Australis Oil & Gas 0.011 37.50% $10.9M
AKM Aspire Mining 0.075 33.93% $38.1M
HMD HeraMED 0.18 33.33% $16.6M
RPM RPM Automotive Group 0.14 33.33% $12.6M
SVM Sovereign Metals 0.12 33.33% $46.4M
CZL Consolidated Zinc 0.004 33.33% $6.9M
MSM MSM Corp 0.008 33.33% $3.4M
CE1 Calima Energy 0.004 33.33% $6.5M
DXN The Data Exchange Network 0.017 30.77% $7.7M
FXL Flexigroup 0.55 29.41% $225.8M
PRX Prodigy Gold 0.048 29.73% $27.9M
IGL Ive Group Ltd 0.395 29.51% $57.8M
LSH Lifespot Health 0.063 28.57% $5.4M
EMH European Metals Holdings 0.205 28.13% $24.3M
POS Poseidon Nickel 0.032 28.00% $84.4M
CCZ Castillo Copper 0.014 27.27% $9.1M
BKY Berkeley Energy 0.14 27.27% $28.5M
WSP Whispir 0.95 26.67% $77.8M
MKG Mako Gold 0.038 26.67% $3.1M
SKO Serko 1.59 26.59% $116.8M
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Whispir’s (ASX:WSP) automated communications platform will be used by the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) “to regularly interact with Victorians who have been in close contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 or meets the criteria for self-isolation”.

While the Victorian DHHS is the first Australian health authority to utilise this platform for state-wide COVID-19 communications, Whispr reckons it can “scale this service nationally for all Australians”.

WA mine (re)developer Poseidon Nickel (ASX:POS) has hit a new massive nickel sulphide lode named ‘Golden Swan’ at its Black Swan project.

Assays are pending but managing director Peter Harold is already calling it “a very significant discovery”.



Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Thursday March 26:

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SHO SportsHero 0.003 -50.00% $985K
SHK Stone Resources Australia 0.002 -33.33% $2.5M
AYR Alloy Resources Ltd 0.001 -33.33% $2.3M
UUV UUV Aquabotix 0.002 -25.00% $1.2M
AEE Aura Energy 0.003 -25.00% $7.0M
SE1 Sensera 0.003 -25.00% $1.3M
GBP Global Petroleum 0.014 -22.22% $3.6M
MPR Mpower 0.007 -22.22% $1.4M
ODA Orcoda 0.11 -21.43% $16.3M
FTC FinTech Chain 0.061 -20.78% $39.7M
IMM Immutep 0.135 -20.59% $52.9M
AVE Avecho Bio 0.002 -20.00% $3.2M
WWI West Wits Mining 0.008 -20.00% $7.5M
RIM Rimfire Pacific Mining 0.002 -20.00% $3.0M
EM2 Eagle Mountain Mining 0.08 -20.00% $9.3M
LSR Lodestar Minerals 0.005 -16.67% $4.3M
MEB Medibio 0.005 -16.67% $5.0M
STM Sunstone Metals 0.005 -16.67% $6.9M
ATH Alterity Therapeutics 0.015 -16.67% $13.4M
G88 Golden Mile 0.02 -16.67% $1.4M
VAR Variscan Mines 0.01 -16.67% $2.5M
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