The Taurid Swarm, for those who don’t know, is remnant dust and debris from a massive ancient comet. The Earth passes pretty close to the Taurid Swarm twice a year, around June and October.

At the moment, passing by the swarm results in some speccy meteor showers. Nothing to worry about.

But put November 2032 into your diary, because that’s when we pass directly though the eye of the storm. Or whatever you call it.

How dicey will it get, you ask? In 1908, the so-called Tunguska Event in Russia flattened 2000 sq km of forest in a remote part of Siberia.

The circa-1900s photo doesn't really do it justice.
The circa-1900s photo doesn’t really do it justice.

And that meteor didn’t even impact. This carnage was probably caused by the air burst of a meteor that disintegrated 5-10km from the surface.

Then there’s the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is even more terrifying.

Onto (slightly) less distressing things, with both European and US share markets generally weaker on Friday as shaky Chinese production data reduced interest in trade-sensitive stocks.

The ASX Small Ords Index was down 22.8 points to 2819 by 11:45am EST.

Here are the key ASX small cap movers at lunchtime on Monday June 17:


Leading the charge this morning was Tomizone (ASX:TOM) with a 100 per cent gain.

Tomizone, which provides operating services for wifi software, told investors in early June that it was pursuing a number of business acquisitions.

Close behind were microcaps Amani Gold (ASX:ANL)), Terrain Minerals (ASX:TMX) and Volt Power (ASX:VPR), who were all up 50 per cent by 11:45pm EST on no news.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Friday June 14:

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TickerNamePriceChangeMarket Cap (AU$)Volume
TOMTomizone 0.004+100.00%$1.7M2.0M
ANLAmani Gold 0.003+50.00%$15.6M166.7k
TMXTerrain Minerals 0.003+50.00%$1.9M1.2M
VPRVolt Power Group 0.0015+50.00%$12.4M7.1M
HCOHylea Metals 0.02+38.46%$1.8M341.8k
FMSFlinders Mines 0.07+34.62%$247.4M2.7M
CZNCorazon Mining 0.004+33.33%$5.5M9.8M
RFNReffind 0.005+25.00%$2.1M1.7M
ROGRed Sky Energy 0.0025+25.00%$3.1M5.2M
AIYAuthorised Investment Fund 0.05+21.95%$21.1M30.0k
CAECannindah Resources 0.012+20.00%$2.2M100.0k
DTRDateline Resources 0.003+20.00%$23.9M2.2M
TYXTyranna Resources 0.006+20.00%$5.7M100.0k
SUPSuperior Lake Resources 0.03+18.18%$22.5M700.0k
VMLVital Metals 0.013+18.18%$22.7M48.2M
GIBGibb River Diamonds 0.03+17.24%$6.1M120.0k
AHLAHAlife 0.007+16.67%$5.7M500.0k
LMGLatrobe Magnesium 0.007+16.67%$9.1M1.9M
LMLLincoln Minerals 0.007+16.67%$4.0M30.0k
FGOFlamingo AI 0.008+14.29%$9.0M2.2M
KSNKingston Resources 0.02+14.29%$25.1M225.0k
SPQSuperior Resources 0.008+14.29%$5.5M331.3k



Nothing newsworthy to see here guys, sorry.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Friday, June 14:

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TickerNamePriceChangeMarket Cap (AU$)Volume
KTEK2 Energy 0.01-45.45%$1.8M1.9M
FAMFamily Insights Group 0.001-33.33%$2.5M280.0k
CADCaeneus Minerals 0.001-33.33%$2.1M33.8k
RIMRimfire Pacific Mining0.003-25.00%$3.2M1.1M
PSMPeninsula Mines 0.003-25.00%$3.0M400.0k
CIOConnected IO 0.003-25.00%$5.4M1.5M
ENTEnterprise Metals 0.007-22.22%$2.8M200.0k
GPRGeopacific Resources 0.011-21.43%$28.5M162.3k
SAUSouthern Gold 0.1-19.23%$6.6M366.4k
MGTMagnetite Mines 0.005-16.67%$4.0M137.5k
FPLFremont Petroleum0.01-16.67%$18.4M6.1M
EVEEVE Investments 0.005-16.67%$12.0M6.8M
DTMDart Mining0.005-16.67%$5.1M40.0k
AQCAustralian Pacific Coal 0.47-16.67%$24.0M112
GULGullewa 0.03-16.13%$4.0M40.0k
ARMAurora Minerals 0.011-15.38%$1.4M8.8k
NAGNagambie Resources 0.04-15.22%$17.1M380.6k
SIVSilver Chef 0.5-15.13%$19.8M78.8k
VLTVault Intelligence 0.17-15.00%$17.5M25.0k