Well it’s the start of a new week, and things are still escalating quickly.

As the global health crisis becomes more entrenched, there’s a not immaterial likelihood that each day will bring more bad news than good news in the weeks ahead.

So with that in mind, we ask Stockhead readers to buckle up; the collective resolve of policy makers, investors and society at large will be tested, but ultimately (we hope) “this too shall pass”.

In the meantime, stay on a vigilant lookout for companies — in fact any business, sole trader or street corner vendor — making outsized COVID-19 claims:

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t post some funny quarantine videos. This “here’s what professional wrestlers get up to at home” clip is pretty epic:

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With all that in mind, we should probably get to the state of play on the Australian stock market (if you can bear to look).

A short time ago, the ASX Small Ords was down more than 10 per cent to 1,791.40 points, on track for its largest daily fall of the corona crisis. The ASX200 wasn’t faring much better, down 8.5 per cent at 4,405.40 points.



Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Monday March 23:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
TMZ Thomson Resources Ltd 0.011 266.67% $356K 40.00K
BMG BMG Resources Ltd 0.002 100.00% $585K 250.00K
QFY Quantify Tech 0.002 100.00% $1.9M 1.00M
CHN Chalice Gold Mines 0.3 87.50% $82.2M 5.33M
SKN Skin Elements 0.029 31.82% $7.8M 7.01M
KNM Kneomedia 0.018 80.00% $7.6M 2.69M
KEY Key Petroleum Ltd 0.003 50.00% $3.4M 270.00K
MRG Murray River Organics 0.011 10.00% $22.1M 1.20M
RCL ReadCloud 0.32 20.75% $25.9M 147.24K
MTH Mithril Resources 0.006 20.00% $2.5M 448.98K
BLT Benitec Biopharma Ltd 0.026 18.18% $7.1M 55.34K
TPS Threat Protect Australia 0.07 16.67% $14.5M 77.82K
BIQ BuildingIQ Inc 0.007 16.67% $2.2M 620.08K
ALK Alkane Resources 0.63 13.51% $321.9M 6.48M
PAB Patrys Ltd 0.015 15.38% $13.9M 100.00K
BRN Brainchip Holdings 0.039 18.18% $44.1M 7.63M
MTC Metalstech 0.046 15.00% $3.8M 37.44K
AWY Australian Whisky Holdings 0.031 14.81% $44.1M 90.00K
SVA Simavita 0.016 14.29% $7.2M 64.06K
DTS Dragontail Systems 0.1 21.95% $20.4M 676.74K
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Thomson Resources (ASX:TMZ)

Since volatility spiked to all-time record highs, there’s been a number of instances of unusual price action where small-caps spike sharply on no news (the news has typically arrived a couple of days later).

This morning it was Thomson Resources — which is exploring for gold and tin in central NSW and has a market cap of just $360,000 — that ripped higher, posting a gain of more than 200 per cent in the absence of any ASX announcement.



Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm Monday March 23:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
ABL Abilene Oil and Gas Ltd 0.001 -66.67% $397K 2.85K
DAF Discovery Africa Ltd 0.006 -50.00% $1.1M 133.00K
HWK Hawkstone Mining 0.003 -40.00% $4.1M 8.76M
ESH Esports Mogul Asia Pacific Ltd 0.003 -40.00% $10.2M 9.66M
BET Betmakers Technology 0.099 -34.00% $71.1M 4.63M
RAN Range International 0.008 -33.33% $2.9M 966.24K
BYE Byron Energy Ltd 0.11 -31.25% $89.2M 1.41M
CXZ Connexion Media Ltd 0.011 -31.25% $9.5M 1.98M
HRR Heron Resources 0.031 -31.11% $13.3M 233.35K
MAM Microequities Asset Management 0.15 -30.23% $28.6M 309.39K
ATH Alterity Therapeutics 0.012 -29.41% $10.7M 526.87K
CCX City Chic Collective 0.9 -30.50% $181.4M 844.53K
CGB Cann Global 0.005 -28.57% $16.3M 5.92M
INP Incentiapay 0.01 -28.57% $6.6M 349.19K
ALG Ardent Leisure 0.145 -25.64% $67.2M 2.73M
GIB GIBB River Diamonds 0.023 -28.13% $4.1M 150.00K
FGR First Graphene 0.065 -27.78% $30.9M 1.51M
NCK Nick Scali 2.9 -28.40% $223.6M 319.58K
SRZ Stellar Resources Ltd 0.008 -27.27% $3.5M 175.00K
AMO Ambertech Ltd 0.04 -27.27% $2.8M 803.00K
HWH Houston We Have Ltd 0.011 -26.67% $3.9M 662.17K
RLG Roolife Group Ltd 0.011 -26.67% $5.1M 219.83K
SXL Southern Cross Media 0.182 -25.51% $188.4M 2.90M
VRL Village Roadshow 0.98 -26.49% $261.6M 222.95K
APT Afterpay Touch 9.12 -26.69% $3.3B 7.26M
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