Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunchtime Tuesday July 3.

The ASX Small Ords was up 6.4 points or 0.2 per cent to 2854 at 12.30pm AEST.

Vanadium explorer Hardey Resources (ASX:HDY) was the most actively traded stock in the first hours of Tuesday, with 61 million shares worth $290,400 changing hands before 11.30am AEST.

The junior miner announced plans to acquire the Nelly Vanadium Mine in Argentina through a share sale agreement.

The share price hit an intraday high of 0.5c, up 25 per cent on yesterday’s close, before settling back to 0.4c by 12.30pm.


Medtech Orion Health (ASX:OHE) jumped out of the gates this morning after telling investors UK private equity firm Hg will acquire its Rhapsody business and take a 25 per cent stake in its Population business.

Shares went to an intraday high of $1.10 by 11.45am, up 59 per cent on Monday’s closing price.

The deal, worth a combined $225 million to Orion, will involve Hg buying Rhapsody — a data management tool for healthcare providers — and taking a $20 million stake in its Population health management business.

Following the deal, Orion plans to undertake a share buyback at a price range of $1.24-$1.29 a share.

Zinc explorer Superior Lake Resources (ASX:SUP) climbed more than 60 per cent to an intraday high of 5.4c after reporting its Canadian Superior Lake Zinc Project has exceeded expectations for the quality of zinc.

The quality of the maiden resource is sitting at 17 per cent — around 10 per cent higher than many ASX-listed peers, the company says.

Any zinc result above 10 per cent is considered high quality.

Sharing economy startup Collaborate Corp (ASX:CL8) saw a bounce of 23 per cent, to an intraday high of 2.1c with no news out to the market this morning.

The company issued an investor update last week, highlighting gross revenue between July and May was up 30 per cent on last year, to $1.1 million.

Meanwhile, drone-seller-turned-blockchain stock IOT Group (ASX:IOT) gained 50 per cent to an intraday high of 0.3c on no news.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm on Tuesday, July 3:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (at 12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
SUP SUPERIOR LAKE 0.65625 0.053 10M 23.1M
IOT IOT GROUP 0.5 0.003 2M 2.6M
ATT ANTE REAL ESTATE 0.428571428571 0.01 300k 1.5M
SPB SOUTH PACIFIC 0.333333333333 0.004 10k 496.5k
KGM KALNORTH GOLD 0.333333333333 0.008 100k 5.4M
ARO ASTRO RESOURCES 0.333333333333 0.004 300k 2.7M
DCC DIGITALX 0.279069767442 0.11 8M 41.9M
SUR SUN RESOURCES 0.25 0.005 507k 3.0M
HDY HARDEY RESOURCES 0.25 0.005 62M 6.1M
CGM COUGAR METALS 0.25 0.005 250k 3.7M
RFN REFFIND 0.2 0.012 1M 5.2M
NVO NVOI 0.2 0.006 100k 2.1M
MSR MANAS RESOURCES 0.2 0.006 37M 13.2M
EME ENERGY METALS 0.2 0.18 20k 31.5M
SKF SKYFII 0.2 0.15 150k 34.1M
CL8 COLLABORATE CORP 0.176470588235 0.02 1M 10.5M
LRS LATIN RESOURCES 0.166666666667 0.007 3M 15.9M
CXU CAULDRON ENERGY 0.161290322581 0.036 90k 10.2M
PAK PACIFIC AMERICAN 0.155172413793 0.067 625k 9.6M
ATR ASTRON CORP 0.15 0.23 84k 24.5M
RD1 REGISTRY DIRECT 0.15 0.023 29k 1.7M
OXX OCTANEX 0.15 0.023 2k 5.5M
ZIP ZIPTEL 0.142857142857 0.016 325k 2.1M
RXH REWARDLE 0.142857142857 0.008 104k 2.3M
NOR NORWOOD SYSTEMS 0.142857142857 0.008 658k 9.3M
EVE EVE INVESTMENTS 0.125 0.009 1M 17.9M
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Strata X-Energy (ASX:SXA) dropped 14 per cent to an intraday low of 0.3c after the miner outlined a $1.35 million equity raise through a private placement for an initial appraisal of a CSG project in Botswana.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm on Tuesday, July 3:

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ASX code Company Today's price change (at 12.30pm) Price (12.30pm) Volume Market Cap
BPH BPH ENERGY -0.5 0.001 380k 1.4M
VMG VDM GROUP -0.333333333333 0.002 150k 17.6M
MNB MINBOS RESOURCES -0.25 0.003 4M 22.6M
DSX DECIMAL SOFTWARE -0.210526315789 0.015 833k 6.0M
XST XSTATE RESOURCES -0.2 0.004 21k 3.9M
GLA GLADIATOR RESOUR -0.166666666667 0.005 340k 5.2M
ATP ATLAS PEARLS -0.166666666667 0.02 2M 10.3M
HIL HILLS -0.148148148148 0.23 40k 62.6M
TMX TERRAIN MINERALS -0.142857142857 0.006 100k 4.5M
SPQ SUPERIOR RESOURC -0.142857142857 0.012 208k 9.6M
KLH KALIA -0.125 0.007 774k 20.1M
DTM DART MINING NL -0.125 0.007 250k 5.9M
FYI FYI RESOURCES -0.115384615385 0.115 327k 24.2M
KFE KOGI IRON -0.114285714286 0.155 457k 114.0M
STX STRIKE ENERGY -0.111111111111 0.12 888k 147.8M
VIC VICTORY MINES -0.111111111111 0.008 28k 11.0M
MNC METMINCO -0.111111111111 0.008 6M 8.2M
AWY AUSTRALIAN WHISK -0.106382978723 0.042 144k 62.9M
CZN CORAZON MINING -0.1 0.009 4M 12.7M
CLI CROPLOGIC -0.0967741935484 0.028 563k 3.8M
SYA SAYONA MINING -0.0909090909091 0.03 3M 56.9M
SWF SELFWEALTH -0.0909090909091 0.15 6k 21.4M
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORA -0.0909090909091 0.01 4M 7.8M
GMC GULF MANGANESE C -0.0909090909091 0.01 997k 29.3M
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