Qantas’ 12-member A380 fleet is getting a makeover. While eight aircraft had been repainted, four had yet to receive it and one of them went through the fortnight-long process last month.

After the first eight were completed in Dubai with Emirates, the ninth was done in Busan, Korea and judging by the picture above (released by Korean Air earlier this week), the staff were proud of their work.

But all of Qantas’ A380s will receive an internal overhaul, particularly in the business class and premium economy cabins. CEO Alan Joyce has said we will see these seats on the superjumbos in September, although they are already available on the A330s and 787s.

There is one A380 (registered VH-OQE or named ‘Lawrence Hargrave’) in Europe right now for the most major overhaul it will receive in its lifetime but there’s no word as to whether the seating changes will happen now or at another time.

AV geeks on various airline forums are reporting a different A380 will be the first to go into surgery (VH-OQK ‘John & Reginald Duigan’), and it will enter Airbus’ workshop in July.

Like in Korea, the maintenance staff took the opportunity to get up close to the aircraft when it arrived. As you can see, it is one of three yet to be repainted so the Busan staff will eventually have their chance to get up close with this one.

As those people revel in being up close to superjumbos, our markets are continuing to revel in record low interest rates. The ASX Small Ords was up another 14 points to 2,772 or 0.5 per cent at 11.30am.

Going up

IT stock Connected IO (ASX: CIO) is up 50 per cent after announcing its fourth consecutive quarter of revenue growth. It made $501,000 in this current quarter alone. It’s also reporting its customers are so satisfied, they’re coming back for more.

While Genetic Technologies (ASX: GTG) is up 17 per cent despite having no news, it is noteworthy that a few days ago a director, Samuel Lee, sold all his stock for $700,000. If he’d waited until today, he would have netted over $100,000 more.

Other stocks continued to grow off the back of good news from yesterday, Neurotech (ASX: NTI) being one of them.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Thursday June 6:

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Code NamePrice (11.30)% ChgMarket CapVolume
CIOConnected IO Ltd0.0030.5$5.4M23.5M
TSCTwenty Seven Co Ltd0.0030.5$2.9M600.0k
AAJAruma Resources Ltd0.0040.3333$2.5M1.0M
AULAustar Gold Ltd0.0040.3333$13.6M460.7k
CUXCrossland Strategic Metals Ltd0.0080.3333$8.1M1.5M
SHHShree Minerals Ltd0.0080.3333$4.9M5.8M
HFRHighfield Resources Ltd0.890.3162$293.3M1.4M
DHRDark Horse Resources Ltd0.0050.25$7.9M100.0k
RFNReffind Ltd0.0050.25$2.6M100.0k
NSENew Standard Energy Ltd0.0050.25$4.1M594.1k
AHLAHAlife Holdings Ltd0.0060.2$4.8M265.9k
ANWAus Tin Mining Ltd0.0120.2$25.8M1.1M
PIOPioneer Resources Ltd0.0120.2$18.1M542.0k
QFYQuantify Technology Holdings Ltd0.0060.2$5.9M856.7k
UTRUltracharge Ltd0.0030.2$3.2M3.7M
HXGHexagon Resources Ltd0.120.2$33.6M2.0M
CXZConnexion Telematics Ltd0.0130.1818$11.0M83.2k
DEMDe.Mem Ltd0.130.1818$16.3M88.4k
NTINeurotech International Ltd0.030.1739$3.7M21.7M
AX8Accelerate Resources Ltd0.040.1667$1.7M168.1k
GTGGenetic Technologies Ltd0.0070.1667$19.0M1.0M


Going down

There wasn’t a lot of downward action this morning.

Of note was Amani Gold, which fell 16% desite not releasing any news since announcing it had completed a placement of 1,523,000,000 shares at $0.002 per share to raise $3m a week ago.

And MyFiziq (ASX: MYQ) fell 17 per cent. It’s announced a trading halt until Tuesday, when it will make an announcement “regarding a proposed commercial partnership agreement to integrate MYQ technology that is material to the company”.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Thursday June 6:

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CodeNamePrice (11.30am)% ChgMarket CapVolume
HCTHolista CollTech Ltd0.05-33.33%$11.7M8.5k
MLSMetals Australia Ltd0.001-33.33%$2.9M1.5M
TOUTlou Energy Ltd0.1-20.00%$45.0M96.6k
VALValor Resources Ltd0.004-20.00%$7.6M2.8M
UNLUnited Networks Ltd0.013-18.75%$1.6M10.0k
MYQMyFiziq Ltd0.16-17.95%$14.5M270.9k
TBLTambla Ltd0.5-16.67%$9.9M2.6k
PNXPNX METALS Ltd0.005-16.67%$12.2M1.3M
ESREstrella Resources Ltd0.01-16.67%$5.3M69.4k
ANLAmani Gold Ltd0.025-16.67%$13.0M10.2M
IRDIron Road Ltd0.05-15.25%$34.7M107.3k
FGOFlamingo AI Ltd0.006-14.29%$7.8M415.0k
DW8Digital Wine Ventures Ltd0.006-14.29%$5.3M2.0M
A1GAfrican Gold Ltd0.15-14.29%$8.3M55.0k
NWFNewfield Resources Ltd0.19-13.64%$110.4M76.6k
ADOAnteo Diagnostics Ltd0.013-0.1333$15.3M5.7M
LERLeaf Resources Ltd0.03-12.90%$8.2M100.0k
EQEEquus Mining Ltd0.007-12.50%$6.3M15.0k
GBRGreat Boulder Resources Ltd0.06-11.94%$4.8M377.0k

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