It’s that time again when we hear about ‘European heatwaves’.

Usually we see headlines but when we read the article, we see temperatures are only in the 30s. People in towns like Port Augusta, who had a 50-degree day last summer, would think, “toughen up”.

But this year, the European’s concerns might be justified. Southern towns in France are predicted to get as high as 45 degrees on Friday.

Essentially this user is saying they’ve never seen anything like this. And indeed they’re correct. It’s also hitting the 40s in Spain, while northern France and several Italian cities will hit the high 30s. Even major cities in Denmark and Sweden will reach the mid 30s.

But meteorologists are predicting England, where our cricketers are, will be spared – for this week.

As a result, end of year exams have been cancelled, local authorities are setting up public cooling rooms and people are flocking to beaches and pools. Business would be booming if you manufactured fans or anything remotely to do with beaches.

Our summer may have ended months ago but considering our markets are up, it’s like the good times never ended. The ASX 200 is up nearly 18 per cent this year and has finally surpassed its pre-GFC high.

The ASX Small Ords is up 16 per cent this year, although is still some way short of its pre-GFC high. Today it has fallen by 5 points (or by 0.19 per cent) to 2854.

Going up

Red Sky Energy (ASX: ROG) has rocketed 25 per cent today after announcing the completion of a strategic review of its project. It is estimated it has a Contingent Resource of 20 billion cubic feet of gas.

After falling after a capital raise, Quantify Technology (ASX: QFY) has jumped back up after announcing a client win.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday June 26:

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CodeNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
BASBass Oil Ltd0.0030.5$7.8M1.7M
MLSMetals Australia Ltd0.0020.3333$5.9M5.5M
DN8Dreamscape Networks Ltd0.180.3333$70.0M5.6M
TMZThomson Resources Ltd0.030.2857$3.0M56.5k
MOYMillennium Minerals Ltd0.120.2778$102.5M9.4M
TPDTalon Petroleum Ltd0.00250.25$4.4M101.6k
MHCManhattan Corp Ltd0.0050.25$3.7M15.5k
TYXTyranna Resources Ltd0.0050.25$4.7M297.0k
AXEArcher Exploration Ltd0.110.2209$20.6M1.8M
AMDArrow Minerals Ltd0.0060.2$3.5M1.0M
E2EEon NRG Ltd0.0060.2$4.6M3.0M
QFYQuantify Technology Holdings Ltd0.0060.2$5.9M972.0k
SYTSyntonic Ltd0.0030.2$9.9M500.0k
NTMNTM Gold Ltd0.040.1818$16.1M561.6k
G88Golden Mile Resources Ltd0.060.1538$3.5M141.4k
PBXPacific Bauxite Ltd0.0080.1429$3.2M406.9k
MNWMint Payments Ltd0.030.14$22.0M388.0k
BD1Bard1 Life Sciences Ltd0.030.1379$41.3M11.9M
MEBMedibio Ltd0.010.125$2.2M108.4k
TPWTemple & Webster Group Ltd1.440.1245$162.6M5.1k

Going down

Superior Lake Resources (ASX: SPO) fell after a capital raise took effect. Rimfire Pacific Mining (ASX: RIM) fell after announcing one, this raise being a rights issue open to shareholders.

Despite the falls, both companies’ management have promised the money will help the next few months be rosier.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday June 26:

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CodeNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
ARQARQ Group Ltd0.80-38.46%$98.9M2.8M
BNOBionomics Ltd0.04-33.93%$19.6M18.9M
DTRDateline Resources Ltd0.003-33.33%$15.9M809.7k
SOPSynertec Corp Ltd0.03-33.33%$6.2M4
SUPSuperior Lake Resources Ltd0.02-30.77%$15.6M1.4M
PNNPepinNini Lithium Ltd0.0025-28.57%$3.1M1.6M
TNPTriple Energy Ltd0.01-26.67%$792K6.3k
VMGVDM Group Ltd0.0015-25.00%$12.6M98.1k
SBRSabre Resources Ltd0.003-25.00%$1.2M140.0k
RXHRewardle Holdings Ltd0.003-25.00%$1.6M50.0k
RIMRimfire Pacific Mining NL0.003-25.00%$3.2M856.6k
RFNReffind Ltd0.003-25.00%$2.1M680.9k
LCYLegacy Iron Ore Ltd0.003-25.00%$5.9M12.0k
AZIAlta Zinc Ltd0.003-25.00%$5.5M1.9M
AVEAvecho Biotechnology Ltd0.003-25.00%$4.7M214.3k
LSHLifespot Health Ltd0.07-20.22%$5.5M13.0k
TRLTanga Resources Ltd0.002-20.00%$2.5M220.0k
EPMEclipse Uranium Ltd0.002-20.00%$2.3M172.5k
CZNCorazon Mining Ltd0.002-20.00%$2.8M533.1k
MTHMithril Resources Ltd0.004-20.00%$1.7M37.5k