If you’re a Sopranos fan or curious about properties used in famous movies & TV shows you’ll be interested to hear this. The New Jersey house in “The Sopranos” as Tony’s home is up for sale.

Right on the 20th anniversary of its premiere, its real life owners are selling directly. If want it, they want US$3.5 million ($4.9 million) or more.  You can reach them at [email protected]

The house has a curving driveway, backyard pool and is 5,600 square feet (520 sq m). Unfortunately, no promises have been made as to the presence of ducks.

Back to the markets and the ASX Small Ords is down 24 points to 2,793 or 0.84 per cent – falling for the fourth day in a row.

Going up

The biggest gainer was lithium play Anson Resources (ASX: ASN) which revealed it had produced 1 kilogram of pure lithium. Yes, it’s of such high quality it can go straight into batteries. Anson was up 47 per cent as of 11.30am.

Tech company Kollakorn Limited (ASX: KKL) is up 20 per cent after announcing its patented CertainID product had achieved proof of concept.

Other companies that had no news today but continued to rise after recent developments include PainChek (ASX: PCK) and BrainChip (ASX: BRN).

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday June 3:

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CodeNamePrice (11.30am)% ChgMarket CapVolume
ASNAnson Resources Ltd0.07+46.94%$36.0M31.2M
LKELake Resources NL0.11+34.38%$43.1M14.9M
GPPGreenpower Energy Ltd0.002+33.33%$3.4M200.0k
OVLOro Verde Ltd0.002+33.33%$3.1M1.0M
SYTSyntonic Ltd0.004+33.33%$13.0M1.0M
BLKBlackham Resources Ltd0.009+28.57%$27.9M5.6M
NTINeurotech International Ltd0.02+25.00%$2.0M7.1M
ADYAdmiralty Resources NL0.015+25.00%$17.4M500.0k
VICVictory Mines Ltd0.0025+25.00%$3.4M3.3M
DHRDark Horse Resources Ltd0.005+25.00%$9.9M190.0k
GTEGreat Western Exploration Ltd0.005+25.00%$5.0M631.4k
ADOAnteo Diagnostics Ltd0.02+23.08%$18.8M4.4M
DTMDart Mining NL0.006+20.00%$6.1M721.4k
KKLKollakorn Corp Ltd0.006+20.00%$2.5M160.2k
MSEMetalsearch Ltd0.006+20.00%$2.9M2.1M
NVANova Minerals Ltd0.02+20.00%$13.9M5.0M
ECXEclipx Group Ltd1.33+18.53%$428.3M9.5M
ESREstrella Resources Ltd0.01+18.18%$6.9M381.1k
IPTImpact Minerals Ltd0.01+16.67%$9.3M722.5k
NORNorwood Systems Ltd0.0035+16.67%$7.3M870.5k
WWGWiseway Group Ltd0.25+16.28%$30.3M53.7k
PCKPainchek Ltd0.19+15.63%$157.1M8.8M
BRNBrainChip Holdings Ltd0.06+15.38%$61.9M17.7M


Going down

The biggest loser with news was gold explorer Aruma Resources (ASX: AAJ). This was despite announcing positive drilling results.

Also down are LandMark White (ASX: LMW) which was hurt by a cyber privacy breach last week and continues to reveal new details. It does not believe it has breached reporting laws but are working with law enforcement authorities. Some clients have suspended work but the majority are still working with it.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday June 3:

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CodeNamePrice (11.30am)% ChgMarket CapVolume
VARVariscan Mines Ltd0.001-50.00%$1.3M2.2M
SURSun Resources NL0.001-50.00%$881k750.0k
AKNAuking Mining Ltd0.001-50.00%$933K1.7M
ADRAdherium Ltd0.03-26.47%$4.4M308.4k
DREDreadnought Resources Ltd0.003-25.00%$3.3M2.9M
CADCaeneus Minerals Ltd0.0015-25.00%$3.2M1.2M
AVEAvecho Biotechnology Ltd0.003-25.00%$4.7M3.0M
MHCManhattan Corp Ltd0.004-20.00%$3.0M133.3k
PPYPapyrus Australia Ltd0.004-20.00%$925K414.2k
AAJAruma Resources Ltd0.004-20.00%$2.5M14.4M
SUDSuda Pharmaceuticals Ltd0.005-16.67%$12.9M40.6M
QTGQ Technology Group Ltd0.005-16.67%$751K750
PNXPNX METALS Ltd0.005-16.67%$12.2M3.2M
LAALatAm Autos Ltd0.07-16.46%$27.6M609.4k
LMWLandMark White Ltd0.21-16.00%$17.9M441.3k
RCLReadcloud Ltd0.28-14.06%$24.4M1.4k
1ADAdalta Ltd0.16-13.51%$22.1M84.1k
UBNUrbanise.com Ltd0.03-13.16%$22.5M40.0k