Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Wednesday August 29:

The ASX Small Ords was up 2 points or 0.07 per cent to 2,909 at 1pm AEST.


News that wireless tracker Bluechiip (ASX:BCT) had signed a $15.9 million supply agreement with life sciences company Labcon North America resonated well with investors, sending the stock flying 123 per cent to an intraday high of 9.8c.

By lunch it had settled back down to 8c — still an 82 per cent gain on the previous day’s close. Labcon has ordered $5.8 million worth of chips, readers and software and engineering services over a two-year period.

The company also reported a 136 per cent increase in revenues for the 2018 financial year, though a $2.5 million loss was up slightly on the $2.0 million loss in 2017. BCT shares gained more than 50 per cent in the past year.

Aspire Mining (ASX:APM) shares were active this morning, with more than 10 million shares being traded after the company announced that it target early development of Ovoot orebordy.

The company hit an intraday high of 2.4c, a 20 per cent gain on the previous day.

The biggest small cap mover of the day was Niuminco Group (ASX:NIU), which rose to an intraday high of 0.2c, a 100 per cent gain, after telling investors this morning that it had produced a record haul at its Edie Creek mine.

They reported a record 653 wet tonnes of material processed at an average rate of 4.6 tonnes per hour, saying it was the highest monthly figure since recommencing pilot mining in 2014.

Niuminco was put on notice by the ASX last year over its cash reserves, as they had a measly $1000 at the time. At the end of July 2018 the company told the market it had $2000 in the bank.

Increased revenue sent Reverse Corp (ASX:REF) up 19 per cent to an intraday high of 8.7c, despite the company turning a $300,000 profit into a loss.

Reverse’s revenue was up 21 per cent year-on-year to $8.1 million.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Wednesday, August 29:

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ASX code Company Price change today (at 12.30pm) Price (12.15pm) Volume Market Cap
BCT BLUECHIIP 0.886363636364 0.083 2M 17.5M
VPR VOLT POWER GROUP 0.5 0.003 1M 20.6M
VMG VDM GROUP 0.5 0.003 4M 14.7M
NWE NORWEST ENERGY 0.5 0.003 3M 8.5M
SYS SYNGAS 0.333333333333 0.004 443k 1.8M
EMP EMPEROR ENERGY L 0.333333333333 0.004 8M 2.7M
IBX IMAGION BIOSYSTE 0.285714285714 0.09 154k 15.0M
REF REVERSE CORP 0.279411764706 0.087 613k 6.3M
WBE WHITEBARK ENERGY 0.25 0.005 600k 4.5M
SUD SUDA PHARMACEUTI 0.25 0.005 300k 10.3M
ICG INCA MINERALS 0.25 0.005 700k 11.8M
DDD 3D RESOURCES 0.25 0.005 650k 3.5M
CLZ CLASSIC MINERALS 0.25 0.005 4M 10.9M
SRO SHAREROOT 0.2 0.006 2M 6.7M
DEV DEVEX RESOURCES 0.2 0.006 907k 5.5M
AKM ASPIRE MINING 0.2 0.024 9M 52.2M
CZR COZIRON RESOURCE 0.2 0.018 373k 26.8M
ROO ROOTS SUSTAI-CDI 0.178571428571 0.33 116k 17.9M
SMD SYNDICATED METAL 0.166666666667 0.007 35k 3.8M
MED MERLIN DIAMONDS 0.166666666667 0.007 7M 19.8M
CTO CITIGOLD CORP 0.166666666667 0.007 400k 11.5M
GO2 GO2 PEOPLE 0.164705882353 0.099 178k 10.0M
DEM DE.MEM 0.16 0.145 20k 13.5M
SL1 SYMBOL MINING 0.157894736842 0.022 30k 11.1M
TBH BETMAKERS HOLDIN 0.146666666667 0.086 258k 14.0M
ZYB ZYBER HOLDINGS L 0.142857142857 0.008 79k 4.6M
VAL VALOR RESOURCES 0.142857142857 0.008 525k 12.5M
TSC TWENTY SEVEN CO 0.142857142857 0.008 2M 6.2M
RBR RBR GROUP 0.142857142857 0.008 583k 4.9M
NAE NEW AGE EXPLORAT 0.142857142857 0.008 5k 5.3M
SGC SACGASCO 0.138888888889 0.041 731k 9.3M
IIL INNATE IMMUNOTHE 0.134328358209 0.38 2k 13.7M
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Prime Media (ASX:PRT), which owns and operates Channel Seven’s regional stations, took a 32 per cent hit this morning, dropping to an intraday low of 19.5c after reporting its annual result.

The company’s full-year loss worsened by 134 per cent to $12.3 million, while revenue dropped 9 per cent to $219 million.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm Wednesday, August 29:

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ASX code Company Price change today (at 12.30pm) Price (12.15pm) Volume Market Cap
AKN AUKING MINING -0.333333333333 0.002 50k 2.8M
PRT PRIME MEDIA GRP -0.293103448276 0.205 869k 106.2M
YPB YPB GROUP -0.235294117647 0.026 5M 22.5M
ROG RED SKY ENERGY L -0.2 0.004 3M 3.9M
JKA JACKA RESOURCES -0.2 0.004 350k 3.8M
VIC VICTORY MINES -0.166666666667 0.005 140k 7.4M
AYR ALLOY RESOURCES -0.166666666667 0.005 356k 8.7M
SHO SPORTSHERO -0.162162162162 0.155 10k 46.3M
DLC DELECTA -0.142857142857 0.006 5M 4.4M
CV1 CV CHECK -0.132352941176 0.059 6 16.9M
KGM KALNORTH GOLD MI -0.125 0.007 17k 7.2M
ARD ARGENT MINERALS -0.117647058824 0.015 100k 7.9M
JRV JERVOIS MINING -0.114285714286 0.31 82k 77.3M
LPD LEPIDICO -0.111111111111 0.024 5M 79.0M
SDV SCIDEV -0.111111111111 0.008 56k 5.7M
AWV ANOVA METALS -0.105263157895 0.017 750k 11.9M
HWK HAWKSTONE MINING -0.103448275862 0.026 382k 9.1M
AGR AGUIA RESOURCES -0.103448275862 0.13 286k 19.1M
RIM RIMFIRE PAC MNG -0.1 0.009 40 9.4M
KEY KEY PETROLEUM -0.1 0.009 1M 13.5M
AQC AUSTRALIAN PACIF -0.1 0.72 5k 39.4M
AGE ALLIGATOR ENERGY -0.1 0.009 10M 7.4M
CRB CARBINE RESOURCE -0.09375 0.029 9k 6.4M
QFY QUANTIFY TECHNOL -0.0909090909091 0.02 25k 12.1M
DHR DARK HORSE RESOU -0.0909090909091 0.01 200k 21.2M
AKP AUDIO PIXELS HOL -0.0892330383481 12.35 5k 364.7M
DEG DE GREY MINING -0.0882352941176 0.155 1M 61.7M
ECT ENVIRONMENTAL CL -0.0833333333333 0.011 2M 57.6M
LI3 LITHIUM CONSOLID -0.0833333333333 0.11 81k 10.9M
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