Small caps bounced back solidly from yesterday’s losses with the Small Ordinaries index finished Tuesday up 1.58 per cent to 3,123.7.

The ASX 200 rose by 1.19 per cent to 6,742.6 however the Emerging Companies nano-cap index only rose by 0.23 per cent, to 2,030.8

Leading sectors were health, consumer discretionaries and financials.

The biggest winner with an announcement was Latin Resources (ASX:LRS), which updated shareholders on its WA kaolin project – revealing strong exploration results.

Among large caps, today’s winner was EFTPOS company Tyro Payments (ASX:TYR), which gained 25 per cent after responding to short-seller allegations and updating the market on last week’s terminal outage.



WAM Capital (ASX:WAM), a listed investment company of Wilson Asset Management, upped its bid for telecommunications company Amaysim (ASX:AYS). It will offer shareholders of Amaysim either 1 WAM share for each 2.675 amaysim shares or 0.70 cents per share.

Cannabis focused biotech Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) received “Investigational New Drug” status from the FDA for its lead product NanaBis. This means its Phase III clinical trial will cover the US in addition to Britain and Australia.

Also receiving regulatory approval was Medibio (ASX:MEB), which won European (CE Mark) approval for its sleep staging software MEBsleep that monitors for sleep disorders.

Listed payments company IOUpay (ASX:IOU) acquired a Malaysian Money Lending License through the acquisition of local money lending entity Sibu Kurnia Marine Sdn Bhd. This acquisition will be funded with existing cash reserves allow the company to offer BNPL and loans in Malaysia.

Botswana-based energy producer Tlou Energy Limited (ASX:TOU) said it had fully executed a pilot Power Purchase Agreement with Botswana Power Corporation for the first 2MW of power from its Lesedi gas project.

Rhythm Bioscience (ASX:RHY) added 2 new clinical trial sites for the upcoming clinical trial on its ColoSTAT test kit.

One of the last remaining pure-play Cobalt Blue (ASX:COB) fell over 10 per cent after shareholder American Rare Earths (ASX:ARR) revealed it had sold $2.5 million of its stake.


Trading halts


Australian Primary Hemp (ASX:APH) – capital raising and contract
Red Mountain Mining (ASX:RMX) – capital raising
European Lithium (ASX:EUR) – capital raising
Norwest Energy (ASX:NWE) – capital raising
Pensana Rare Earths (ASX:PM8) – delisting application
Red Sky Energy (ASX:ROG) – capital raising
Theta Gold Mines (ASX:TGM) – investment
Delecta (ASX:DLC) – acquisition
Venture Minerals (ASX:VMS) – capital raising
Tao Commodities (ASX:TAO) – capital raising


Think Childcare (ASX:TNK) – counter-proposal to acquisition offer
Victory Mines (ASX:VIC) – capital raising
Chase Mining (ASX:CML) – capital raising
Los Cerros (ASX:LCL) – assay results