It’s been a day short on news, and profits.

In Australia, on the ASX, at least. If you held Tesla overnight, you’d be very happy with the 3.4 per cent surge to its $US729.77 closing high.

If you were shorting Tesla, you were part of a crowd that just lost yet another billion.

And all those smarmy BTC hodlers were stung too, after it shed 17 per cent overni- oh wait it’s heading back up again.

Markets back here remained subdued, with banks and energy leading the falls. After an initial drop of 0.7 percent, the index was trying to rally late, but still down around 0.37 per cent.

Gold miners and materials were the only shining light.

And yeah, while England’s going into full national coronavirus lockdown, Qantas has decided it’s had enough and will start selling international tickets to yes, the UK and US from July this year.

Shareholders say nope:

Here’s a couple of interesting ASX announcements you might have missed in the morning rush.



– Shares in Magnis Energy Technologies (AASX:MNS) blipped up 9.19% after MNS announced its partner Charge CCCV (C4V) will be part of a US Government grid stabilisation project.

Magnis has a 10 per cent interest in C4V. The project is a two-stage solar plant control framework that helps coordinate multiple solar plants with “generation uncertainty”.

C4V will provide the lithium-ion battery for the project, which will be led by Binghampton University for the US Department of Energy.

– Kid-tracker specialists Spacetalk (ASX:SPA) has got a nice gig at the world’s biggest consumer tech show, CES. It’s held every year in Las Vegas from Jan 11-14, only it won’t be this year because of Covid. Bummer.

Still, the digital version is expected to reach up to 150,000 and there’s some small comfort for Spacetalk in that it qualified to make the attendee list, which has been cut from 4500 exhibitors last year to about 1000 this year.

As well as showcasing its Spacetalk watches, the company will use the event to meet with potential global partners and distributors, and make some progress on entering the US later this year.

SPA’s price was unmoved on news today, but has lifted to 13 cents from 11 cents on Friday.

Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY) has told the ASX Compliance people that possibly the only reason it’s share price jumped from $0.875 on December 31 to $1.27 today was because it was one of Tim Boreham’s 21 stocks that are primed to run in 2021.

That’s entirely possible. Here’s the other part of that excellent series, ICYMI.

– And Otto Energy (ASX:OEL) wants everyone to know that the operator of the Alaskan drill site it has an interest in has got final clearance to build an ice road to the project.

The Talitha Unit #A is estimated to spud – subject to weather conditions – sometime this month.

OEL’s share price was unmoved by the news, but it had “ice road” in it and ice roads are boss.

Trading halts

Out tomorrow
Sensen Networks (ASX:SNS) – pending an announcement
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Lion Energy Ltd (ASX:LIO) – pending an announcement