The chaos that is Donald Trump continues. Last week the US President had COVID-19 and this week he is miraculously cured. That’s some political miracle.

Apparently it is this easy:

“It’s easy, losers”
by infacepalm

To make matters worse, media outlets are reporting that Trump is blaming “Gold Star” military families for infecting him.

This is better than a soap opera.

And none of it is helping his campaign, according to commentators who believe all indications point to Joe Biden taking out the November 3 election.

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. How to find the next multi-bagger resources stock: Part 2

Part 1 was so popular we decided to bring you the sequel.

Reuben Adams has dug deep into the stocks in the $5m to $10m market cap bracket to explore just which ones have the potential to be the next multi-bagger.

Proving he may just know what he’s talking about, part 1 — which highlighted the sub $5m market cap group — has already thrown up a couple of decent winners since the story was published.

But you’ll have to wait to find out if there will be a third instalment — we do promise however it will be better than the Final Destination series.


2. Guy on Rocks: Why Biden is good, and Trump is bad for the gold price

Well, it’s official: Trump = bad news for gold.

Just look what happened to the gold price this week when Donald Trump did a backflip on a proposed US stimulus bill … at least until after the election he reckons he’s going to win.

Good news gold bulls, his adversary Joe Biden is leading the national polls. Sadly, we know that means absolutely nothing because Trump allegedly has the Russians. Just look at what happened to poor Hilary Clinton, who also led the polls for just about the entire 2016 campaign.

Luckily resident Stockhead expert Guy Le Page has plenty of other good news for Aussie stock punters.


3. Tesla alone needs ~26pc of projected global nickel supply by 2030

Nickel players are still on a high from Elon Musk saying he needs a sh#* load more nickel.

And as Wood Mac does in fine form, the market researcher decided to provide us with some numbers on just how much a ‘sh#*load’ actually is.

Wood Mac reckons electric vehicle trailblazer Tesla is going to need almost 50 per cent of current global supply by 2030.

But just how feasible is that? You’ll have to read on to find out.


4. The ASX small cap boom — two pro investors discuss how to profit

A closer analysis of the post-COVID ASX bull market shows small caps are outperforming the big end of town.

That’s good news for the small cap punters… well at least for the ones that backed the winners.

But just exactly how do you pick a winner? Good question, we’re glad you asked.

Sam Jacobs decided to find out from two pro-investors just how punters can profit from this ASX small cap boom.


5. Data breaches, hackers and US-China trade tensions are all driving cybersecurity demand

For those still paying with cash and waiting until they are at home to make and receive calls because those new fandangle mobile phone thingies are just too hard, you might be onto something.

Because the new age digital explosion has not been all roses and sunshine. Unfortunately, it has also brought with it a new breed of criminal – the cyber kind.

But like with every problem, the white knights are riding in to save the day.

In this episode of TechTalk, host Tim Knapton chats with some industry players on the booming cybersecurity demand.


6. Here’s why Western Australia is the place to be for nickel

This probably comes as no surprise as WA after all is the resources capital of Australia. And we have the numbers to back it – the state currently hosts about 90 per cent of Australia’s total economic resources, according to Geoscience Australia.

But while Elon Musk’s bold words have been a nice kick for the nickel market, it’s not all about the EVs.

“The main consumer of nickel continues to be stainless steel and while government-boosted infrastructure projects continue to be rolled out, the demand for nickel will remain strong and support higher prices,” Azure Minerals’ (ASX:AZS) managing director Tony Rovira says.

So just who is vying to join the ranks of suppliers to the global market? Bevis Yeo has wrapped it up in a neat little summary for all you nickel fans.


7. The graphite industry is ‘on the road to recovery

Finally, one of the unloved battery metals is coming into the sunshine – one that hasn’t had an Elon Musk spruiker of its own to help it along.

Improved post-COVID demand is a breath of fresh air for flake graphite producers and explorers who have been battered by years of weak investor sentiment.

Graphite demand is primarily driven by the steel market, but rapid growth in electric vehicle production is expected to drive demand over the medium and long term.

And The World Bank Group reckons that by 2050 the world will need 500 per cent more graphite than 2018 levels.


8. Barry FitzGerald: This ASX-listed lithium player has the trifecta of ‘critical’ minerals

Whatever you call it – trifecta, hat-trick – it is good news when you have three winners. And that’s just what resources expert columnist Barry FitzGerald reckons ASX-listed lithium play Lepidico has.

Besides lithium, Lepidico also has the critical minerals of high-priced caesium/rubidium, along with sulphate of potash (SOP).

Even better is the taskforce assembled to steer America’s critical minerals supply response has been made aware of Lepidico’s project.


9. The Budget 2020 winners on the ASX: Construction, cybersecurity & defence tech

Like watching a horror movie (let’s face it there’s no other way to describe 2020), Australians were on the edge of their seats just waiting to see who the federal government would swoop in and save from the evil pandemic.

In true Stockhead fashion, we summed up the biggest winners from this year’s (very) delayed federal budget.

First the bad news. We are in a massive amount of debt — $213.7bn to be precise. And that’s just going to get bigger thanks to a multi-billion-dollar cash splash to pull several industries out of the quicksand.

Nick Sundich sums up just who the biggest beneficiaries are.


10. The Secret Broker: I don’t want your money honey, I want your luv

No TSB isn’t off his meds this week, he just read a really interesting (some might say questionable) article that got him thinking.

And curiously he managed to liken online dating scammers to dodgy ASX-listed companies. Read on to find out what on earth we’re talking about.

Have a good weekend!