Here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. The 100 best performing ASX stocks in FY20

We knew our readers couldn’t go past a good top 100 story. Really, who doesn’t want to know who the big gainers are?

This particular wrap up happens to feature the top performers of FY20.

The average ASX stock returned 13 per cent last financial year but the 100 best performing stocks returned an average of 394 per cent. Not bad!

So if you were one of the unlucky ones and missed it the first time around, dive in and see just who is on a winning streak.


2. Guy on Rocks: Bargain gold stocks are hard to come by, base metals the next value play

This week Guy looks at the “where to now” given a large chunk of gold stocks are now looking pretty pricey thanks to the price climbing ever higher.

Last week it was futures, this week it was the spot price smashing the $US1800/oz mark.

So what are the next undervalued gems investors should be looking at? Guy says “base metals”. Copper and nickel, in particular, thanks to COVID denting supply as several mines around the world switch off temporarily.

Find out who Guy thinks are the hot stocks to watch.


3. The US stocks Aussie investors were buying in June

Aussie investors who have an eye on US markets were deep in tech, aviation, automotive manufacturers and entertainment stocks in June.

Telsa seemed to be a fave with us Aussies. And the top EV maker has been responding to this resounding success by mocking the firm’s beleaguered short sellers, announcing Sunday that the electric-car company was selling limited-edition red satin ‘short shorts’.

Rachel Williamson has the deets on the other American faves of us Aussies.


4. June Winners Column: It’s solid gold, baby

It’s probably not surprising that the gold stocks dominated in June.

It’s been an interesting six months: a healthy mix of winners in January was followed by coronavirus-led uncertainty in February. Then came the March share market bloodbath and April’s tentative recovery.

And by May gold was #1 with investors. With the economy continuing to flounder in June, markets surged and gold stayed top favourite.

Reuben Adams runs through the June winners.


5. Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Mesoblast within months of 3 major trial results, key regulatory decision

Coming in at number 5 is our regular health and biotech expert, Tim Boreham with an in-depth yarn on the world’s biggest listed pure-play stem cell developer.

Mesoblast (ASX:MSB) has certainly got a lot on its plate with the results from three major trials and a key regulatory decision all due within months.

The company is also dabbling in potential coronavirus treatments with promising results.

Tim Boreham provides his usual colourful overview of the movers and shakers in the health and biotech space.


6. Top 50 ASX small caps of 2018: Where are they now?

Our readers clearly love a good “where are they now” story.

And Reuben Adams decided to take a look back at the top 50 ASX small caps of 2018 to see which ones had managed to maintain their upwards momentum.

Of 2018’s Top 50 small caps, 20 (40 per cent) continued to make gains, 27 (54 per cent) fell back, and three have been suspended or delisted.

Put your curiosity at rest if you didn’t catch it the first time around.


7. 3 listed fintechs discuss the benefits of a partnership approach

The saying goes something like “many hands make light work”, and in the case of fintechs they are starting to understand the benefit of that.

An according to one expert, the collaborative approach has been spurred on by the 2019 Banking Royal Commission.

And the benefits of collaboration have became more obvious during COVID-19.

Sam Jacobs spoke to three fintechs to find out why partnering is a better way forward.


8. EOS touches billion-dollar mark thanks to federal govt wanting its Remote Weapons Stations

Defence-tech play Electro Optic Systems (ASX:EOS) briefly became a billion-dollar stock this week after the Morrison government expressed interest in acquiring its Remote Weapons Stations.

These nifty devices sit on top of vehicles to mount machine guns, cannons or grenade launchers. Electro Optic is also looking at devices that can launch missiles.

Investors got a bit excited when the company said it was in negotiations with the Australian government.


9. The watchlist of likely losers from Victoria re-entering lockdown

One lockdown was bad enough, but a second lockdown is going to hurt even more for a number of sectors.

The watchlist features domestic travel companies, financial services, non-discretionary retailers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and toll road operator Transurban (ASX:TCL).

With Melbourne now in a six-week lockdown, Rachel Williamson took a look at what the new restrictions meant for those particular sectors.


10. The Secret Broker: Whether, weather or wether?

This week TSB regales us with a (somewhat squeamish) tale of how the term “Bellwether” came about.

While Telstra (ASX:TLS), CBA (ASX:CBA) and BHP (ASX:BHP) would all be classed at some point as the Bellwethers of their sectors, they are facing some stiff competition.

One particular buy now, pay later (BNPL) stock for instance would now be considered a Bellwether of all the companies in that sector.

TSB enlightens readers on who is looking stale and who is earning their new status.

Have a good weekend!