When it comes to baby names, this one isn’t likely to win top spot.

One couple supposedly named their twin boys Tim (perfectly fine) and “Turd” (not so great).

Apparently, the name “Turd” is a combination of Turtle (a family nickname) and Dan (a family name).

Given the date of the post (5 years ago) we can safely assume the name didn’t gain popularity.

We named our kid Turd and everyone loves it! from insaneparents


Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Repeating history: Is the silver price about to break out?

History tells us that silver — while not as universally loved by investors as gold — has the ability to outperform its precious metal rival.

Based on historical silver data, there has only ever been two occasions when the silver price has run hard — and both times followed recessions.

In Australia there isn’t a whole lot of ways to play silver on the ASX. We took a closer look at the pure play silver companies (hint: there’s only one) and those that have silver as a nice sweetener to their portfolios.

Find out who these contenders are.


2. StockTalk: 3 experts weigh in on Australia’s green energy future

Green energy is a popular topic and Stockhead fans were keen to hear what the experts had to say on this week’s StockTalk.

Joining host Dr Nigel Finch was Mark Williams, equity analyst at Australian Ethical, Tim Hodge, general manager of Infinite Blue Energy, and Richard Poole, CEO of Hunter Energy. Richard Poole is also the Executive Chairman of Sydney based Arthur Phillip.

The group discussed everything from how to value green energy investments and what is green hydrogen to Australia’s policy environment and the question of a carbon price.

Tune in if you missed it.


3. Stocks in fastest 50-day surge, bears annoyed

Prior to Friday’s sudden market slump, the bulls had been out in force with markets witnessing a solid 50-day run.

However, bearish investors are holding on to a range of theories as to why the worst is yet to come.

Rachel Williamson has the details on what is on the horizon and the changing investor focus.


4. Two small cap fund managers discuss their 2020 outlook, after a wild ride through the COVID-19 chaos

Coming off a historic fall in March, April marked the best monthly performance for the ASX in 32 years.

But after those gains were consolidated in May, it became clearer that markets are now pricing for a stronger rebound, even though the Australian economy is set for a sharp contraction in the June quarter.

It makes for an interesting setup ahead of what could be an illuminating earnings season for the 2020 financial year, and just prior to the June long weekend Stockhead caught up with two professional fund managers to get their view on the outlook.

Get their take on the whole situation.


5. Money Talks: Here’s 3 gold and silver stocks worth a closer look

Simon Popple of UK-based Brookville Capital, who specialises in junior mining companies, appears to have the ‘golden touch’ when it comes to stock picking.

Several stocks he has previously called have risen in value, and now he has another three hot picks for investors.

Can he work his magic again?

Reuben Adams’ wraps up Popple’s latest predictions.


6. New deals and big hits as the Paterson Province enters its prime

The Paterson Province’s status as one of Australia’s hottest addresses for mineral exploration has been reaffirmed with the signing of another big farm-in agreement and some of the best drilling results to date from the mammoth Havieron gold discovery.

Mid-tier Independence Group (ASX: IGO) is one that has been attracted to the Paterson’s untapped exploration potential.

This week it announced it was increasing its exposure through a $32m farm-in and joint venture agreement with small miner Metals X (ASX: MLX).

Similar earn-in agreements carrying big headline numbers have been a feature of corporate activity in the Paterson going back to 2015.

Read on to find out who the majors are partnering up with to get in on the Paterson action.


7. New IPO Advent Health says its roll-up strategy will make a splash

Companies with ‘roll-up’ strategies have not always succeeded on the local bourse but the boss of soon-to-be-listed allied health group Advent Health (ASX:AH1) reckons his company is different.

A roll up strategy involves combining several smaller businesses into one entity.

Nick Sundich spoke to Advent Health about its upcoming IPO and why it will be more successful.


8. Large caps deny they’re being outgunned by smaller peers in health R&D

While it may seem like the big health players just go about swallowing up the smaller guys with big ideas and significant R&D work under their belt, some say they aren’t leaving all the heavy lifting to their smaller rivals.

Australia’s biggest biotech and listed company, CSL (ASX:CSL), is snapping up private biotech Vitaeris, but told Stockhead the major was Australia’s largest private investor in health R&D, chipping in $US832m ($1.19bn) last financial year.

Find out just who is doing the R&D.


9. New national security fund convinces Pyne to get the guns out again

Former Australian defence minister Christopher Pyne loves a gun pic — he’s one of the security industry’s biggest supporters — and a new national security investment fund has secured him as an advisor.

Pyne is advising a Brisbane fund manager which has launched a $40m fund to focus on cyber security.

And retail investors have a range of defence sector options to consider on the ASX.

Rachel Williamson has the details.


10. Experts divided on whether to go for an ETF or just ‘pick a winner’

Markets are rising, but experts are divided over whether an exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks an index is the best way to invest in highly imbalanced markets.

The latest warning comes from US cannabis investor and news service New Cannabis Ventures, which says buying the sector isn’t the best way to take advantage of the improving North American marijuana story.

Find out just why that is.


Have a good weekend!