One pizza place appears to be taking a leaf out of Ikea’s book.

Instead of a “build-your-own” bookshelf, we give you the “build-your-own” pizza.

If IKEA sold pizzas from WatchPeopleDieInside

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Stockhead V-Con: Why uranium is set to go nuclear

All the talk lately has been about gold, but while the precious metal has rocketed higher, uranium has been quietly making its own advances.

Miners and investors have been waiting for this since 2011, when the Fukushima nuclear disaster decimated the uranium price.

Now a structural supply deficit and COVID-19 supply disruptions have seen the uranium spot price jump +30 per cent.

We talk to the experts about whether the good times in uranium are set to continue and hear from companies that are leading the way with prospective and established uranium reserves.

Tune in now if you didn’t catch it the first time around.


2. Explorers Podcast: Tolga Kumova’s stock picks, current portfolio and garage workout routine

Who doesn’t want to hear from a successful, well known (some say notorious) mining investor that has made a fortune on backing the right companies?

That’s no doubt the reason everyone tuned into Garimpeiro’ columnist Barry FitzGerald’s latest Explorers podcast.

Sitting fireside the pair chat through the stock picks that bought Kumova his Ferrari, his picks for 2020 and the garage workout routine keeping his instagram followers happy.


3. Carbon capture and storage, coal’s saviour or too little too late?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been bandied about as the salvation of carbon intensive industries, particularly the coal sector which has seen its fortunes continue to dip.

But what the hell is it? And will it really be the answer to coal’s problems?

We’re glad you asked.

Bevis Yeo has the insight here.


4. Is your telehealth provider selling your health data?

The abrupt rise of the telehealth industry, thanks to social restrictions brought on by COVID-19 pandemic measures, has brought forth everything from tailored virtual consulting services to software that’s been shoe-horned into health.

But some of the latter Frankenstein’s monsters are not “fit for purpose”, according to experts spoken to by Stockhead, and could be laying landmines for an industry still on probation.

One issue that has raised concerns is just how safe a patient’s information is once it is in the hands of telehealth companies.

Rachel Williamson has the lowdown on just what is happening with patient data.


5. TechTalk: Agritech offers fertile upside for investors

This week’s TechTalk vid delves into the agritech sector.

Experts get together to discuss the sector’s key drivers, core risks and opportunities for investment, among other things.

Tune in to find out what they had to say.


6. May Winners Column: Gold is still #1 but uranium casts a warm glow

Even more proof uranium is on a slow burn. While the goldies are still dominating, the uranium players are coming up the rear.

May was a month defined by high flyin’ uranium explorers, lots of gold … and only one hand sanitiser company.

Unlike April, there were no +1000 per cent gainers in May. Still, there were plenty of good stories for investors to sink their teeth into, with 58 small cap companies post gains of 100 per cent or more.

Find out who these lucky juniors were.


7. Morningstar backs this hat-trick of small caps for big growth

Morningstar believes there are some real bargain stocks to be found on the ASX. This week it released its monthly ‘Best Stock Ideas’ report highlighting companies trading at discounts to its assessed fair values.

Three of them were small caps.

Nick Sundich spoke with analyst Adam Fleck about why Morningstar is backing these particular stocks.

Find out what he had to say.


8. StockTalk: Biotechs set to boom with clinical trial floodgates open

Apparently the “clinical trial floodgates” have opened up and biotechs are rejoicing.

This is good news after the COVID-19-led downturn forced non-essential clinical trials onto the backburner.

In this week’s vid, the experts get together to talk about the opening of the biotech clinical trial floodgates,  how the industry will fare in the wake of the pandemic and which sub-sectors look likely to perform best in the new investment landscape.

Tune in if you missed it.


9. The shift to high nickel batteries is happening right now

Good news nickel bulls — South Korean battery materials maker Posco is now producing cathodes with greater nickel content.

This is because carmakers want to make their EVs travel further between charges.

And Posco isn’t the only one banking on more nickel in the batteries; fellow South Korean battery maker Samsung says that nickel will make up more than 80 per cent of the cathode materials in its fifth-generation EV batteries when commercial production begins in early 2021.

But just where is all this extra nickel supposed to come from?

Reuben Adams has the answers.


10. Small but mighty: The ASX health small caps aiming to beat the government in the innovation game

The government may have a whole lotta cash, but there’s a bunch of small caps that reckon they can do so much better in the innovation game.

One even reckons its online platform for recording patient data outperforms the government’s My Health Record.

Nick Sundich speaks to a couple of small caps confident they can beat the government when it comes to innovation.


Have a good weekend!