Well it seems Amazon is now making money from people’s bodily gases.

Kid buys farts from amazon from KidsAreFuckingStupid

And judging from some people’s comments, it’s actually a good form of entertainment… for all ages.

“Big fart was a hysterical hit! We were laughing so hard. Big hit with the grandkids. That made me smile.” ENCYCLOPEDIAS

“OMG. I’m getting this immediately. Yes, I just turned 53.” Emptyplates

“Finally, I can enjoy the sounds of all kinds of farts without the pesky smell!” Pedigree_Dogfood

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Just what does 2020 hold for the less popular — but still very useful — zinc?

Who knew our readers all loved zinc that much?!

It doesn’t get the kind of coverage that metals like iron ore, lithium or gold get, but zinc is apparently still very important.

And consultancy Wood Mackenzie has once again dusted off its crystal ball (though it’s probably not very dusty given the amount of times it’s been used this year already) to give us a taste of what might be in store for zinc in 2020.

Hint: The key driver will be the performance of the world’s zinc smelting industry.

Anyone else spend their days watching the zinc smelting industry like they veg on the couch watching their favourite TV show?

Anyway, if you need some insight read on.


2. Analyst view: The pre-IPO pipeline is evidence of a shift underway in Australian capital markets

Clearly investors are on the hunt for the next big moneymaking opportunity – so why not check out the increasing number of IPOs coming the ASX’s way?

Bombora Group is certainly interested. And when the funds start getting in you know it’s time to join the party.

Gregg Taylor, chief investment officer at Bombora Group, told Stockhead’s Sam Jacobs that yield had been alluding many investors because a lot of the already listed stocks with a proven growth model were fully valued.

“So when an interesting story comes to the ASX via an IPO with positive growth attributes, it tends to attract a lot of money. And that’s why there’s been strong demand in the space,” he says.

Check out what else Taylor had to say.


3. No more fake ice cream and Hell’s Angels news from this ASX company

It’s like the Underbelly of the ASX: a company infamous for an alleged association with the Hells Angels, a graphene battery business that labelled ice-cream machines as scientific equipment, and fake Russian scientists.

But like the majority of bad guys in movies, this particularly company has met its maker – in this case, the ASX.

Once known as LWP Technologies, the renamed Tillegrah (ASX:TIH) has been booted from the bourse.

Read the very intriguing back story.


4. A bunch of junior metals explorers are heading for the ASX boards, so we asked an expert what it all means

Ok, so we’ve established investors are really very interested in IPOs. And with so many of our readers liking this story, we guess there’s a newfound love for what’s happening in the junior metals exploration space.

Activity last year spanned a range of industries, although the resources sector was more muted — both in the number of listings and relative performance.

But heading into 2020, the mood appears to have shifted. Stockhead’s IPO Watch flagged 11 companies that are scheduled to go public shortly — six of which were minerals explorers.

So, we decided to check in with an expert on what it all means. Here’s what they had to say.


5. Gold Digger: A weekly recap of the news driving ASX small cap gold stocks

Gold is still very much on readers’ minds – and why wouldn’t it be? I mean it did just punch through $2,300/oz.

This renewed appetite for gold as a safe haven investment comes as coronavirus fears grip overheated financial markets, mostly due to the risks it poses to China’s large economy.

That’s good news for the big and the small players, because now even the junior end of the market is moving nicely and more investor cash is flowing back into the exploration space.

Check out which of the lucky juniors is feeling the investor love in our weekly gold wrap.


6. The cannabis industry won’t be content with legalisation; these are some of the law reforms they’re pushing for

Good or bad news, cannabis still draws the readers.

And this particular yarn delves into the still “murky” legal framework bogging down the cannabis industry.

The primary issue is the industry’s overall status. Cannabis can be legally grown for medical and scientific purposes, but it is illegal for personal use except in the ACT.

The industry has had enough, and it wants change. Here are three of its demands.


7. Clean, cheap, quick and safe: Modular nuclear power plants could be here by the mid-2020s

So we may not need to build those big cumbersome nuclear power reactors after all cause they now have these nifty little easy-to-transport ‘modules’ that can be assembled on site.

And we could have these clean, cheap, quick and safe nuclear power plants by the mid-2020s. Sooner than we thought!

Oh wait, that assumes Australia actually gets on board nuclear power…. Hmmm, that’s a conversation for another time.

In the meantime, Reuben Adams spoke to a couple of uranium industry stalwarts about the growing buzz around cheaper, scalable and safe small modular reactors.


8. Dr Boreham’s Crucible: This is the only ASX-listed biotech in the photodynamic therapy game

Using light to shrink tumours is a treatment that has been known about since the early 1900s, but oddly enough there’s just one ASX-listed biotech in the “photodynamic therapy” game – which Stockhead columnist Tim Boreham says gives it “rarity value”.

That company is Invion (ASX:IVX).

Invion’s solid tumour targets include ovarian cancer, skin cancer and ano-genital cancer, which is as gruesome as it sounds.

Read Tim’s insights into this biotech minnow.


9. Check up: Coronavirus has been good and bad for the bio-stocks

China’s coronavirus is certainly dominating headlines all around the globe.

And the fear is fuelling panic buying, which has been good for the bottom line of a few small caps in the health space.

In the past fortnight, 40 of the ASX’s 137-odd small cap health stocks saw their share prices tick up.

But the big winners have been the hand-sanitiser sellers, with their products literally flying off the shelf!

See who the fortnightly winners are.


10. Is business to business the next opportunity in the buy, now pay later sector?

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) has been big business. And up until recently the new ASX entrants were witnessing whopping great gains.

But times are a changin’ and new players need to step up their game apparently.

Openpay (ASX:OPY) is the newest buy now, pay later stock on the ASX having listed in December.

But the share price success that its competitors have seen has so far alluded it.

Nick Sundich spoke to CEO Michael Eidel to find out where the next big opportunity is for the BNPL players.

Have a good weekend!