Now this is a wrestling match I’d pay to see: John Cena v Justin Bieber! It’d be a short match…

Cena threw out the challenge to the ‘Biebs’ after the Canadian singer photoshopped himself about to body slam the American pro wrestler-turned-actor.

Truth is, the original pic was of Bieber falling off a unicycle! Such entertainment…

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Wildcatter Podcast: How will Australia’s transition from a ‘dumb’ power grid impact energy demand?

Readers welcomed back our Wildcatter podcast in 2020 with open arms.

With all things climate change at the top of the agenda right now, Stockhead’s resident stock analysis expert Peter Strachan invited renewable energy expert Professor Ray Wills into the radio booth.

The pair discussed the future of Australia’s energy grid, missed opportunities in solar innovation, the domestic battery revolution and our transition to “smart” grids.

Have a listen if you missed it first time ‘round.


2. US gas prices hit lows not seen in a decade

It appears US gas prices haven’t hit rock bottom — or maybe they have now…

Average gas prices in the US were at a three-year low last year and the start of 2020 has seen them push even lower, but record production may be about to tail off.

There are 10-odd ASX small caps that include US gas exploration or production in their portfolio.

Rachel Williamson found nine small caps that say they have some level of activity in US gas exploration or production while one, LNG (ASX:LNG), provides liquefaction infrastructure.

You can read all about it here.


3. Sports contracts on the blockchain? This NBA basketball player wants to make it happen

And here we thought blockchain was dead… Ok maybe not dead, just taking a long nap.

On the relative hype scale, the days of ASX companies mentioning the word “blockchain” in an announcement and seeing their share price rise are probably over.

But activity in the space is still ticking over.

Now, one NBA basketballer is keen to revive the sector by securitising a third of his $US34m ($49.2m) contract value via a tokenised investment platform.

Read all about how he plans to make that work.


4. Mining services stocks are liking their 2020 prospects 

If you want to gauge just how well the mining sector is doing, just take a look at how much work the mining services guys have. It’s a good barometer.

And most services companies on Stockhead’s watchlist performed well over the past year.

Not surprising I guess with the gold price continuing its bull run thanks to US President Donald Trump’s antics in this election year. And iron ore is having a pretty good time too.

Bevis Yeo chatted to a few mining services players to find out just what they are expecting in the new year.


5. Anglo American takes the stink out of potash, Parkway looks to disrupt sector

When a mining heavyweight tells the world it’s getting into low-grade potash you might think WTF?!

But it is actually a good indicator of things to come.

Potash markets across the world are changing as agricultural lands decline in quality and demand picks up for a premium product known as sulphate of potash (SOP).

And wouldn’t you know it, Australia is emerging as a potential new potash production market. A number of ASX-listed juniors are aiming to get into the SOP business here.

Interesting stuff, read all about it.


6. Cancer Wars Part 1: These are the ASX small cap drugmakers that want to conquer cancer

Our readers were very keen to find out just who the ASX small cap drugmakers that want to knock cancer on the head are.

In the first of this two-part series, Nick Sundich reviewed the companies making anti-cancer drugs.

There are a bunch in the race to the finish, but the top performer (with the best one-year gain) is Perth-based Race Oncology (ASX:RAC), which is looking to commercialise the orphan drug Bisantrene which fights a rare cancer called myelogenous leukemia.

Read on to find out who else is in the race.


7. Putting a price tag on a bushfire: the cost and the stimulus

On a more serious note, the bushfires currently ravaging Australia are taking their toll physically and economically.

And economists are now beginning to put numbers on what they think the likely hit to an already weakened economy will be.

But — there is always a but — disasters can be followed by a long tail of recovery as communities rebuild and infrastructure is repaired.

With the federal government promising to spend a minimum of $2 billion on rebuilding, the bushfire may have a stimulatory effect on the economy later in the year.

Rachel Williamson runs through the industries that have been worst hit and the impact on the economy.


8. A US-China trade deal is about to be signed but what does that mean for investors?

One of the key global events this week was the signing of a phase-one trade deal between the US and China.

Could Trump and Xi Jinping be kissing and making up? That remains to be seen, with the majority of the hard-hitting tariffs still in place and unlikely to be knocked off unless the pair can now reach a phase two deal.

Nick Sundich brought our readers this insightful piece on what all this means for investors.


9. This fund is promising 7pc returns for solar power investments

Who doesn’t love a good yarn on an easy way to make money?

And this new solar energy infrastructure fund led by a former Babcock & Brown executive is promising returns of 7 per cent for investors.

I’m sold, sign me up!

The fund won’t be listed on the ASX, instead it will be targeting self-managed super funds.

You can get the lowdown here.


10. The Secret Broker: It’s true, the wealthy have their very own syndrome and it’s called RAS

This one has to be my favourite instalment so far from TSB and not just because The Simpsons was one of my pet loves growing up. It explains so much.

TSB pointed out that when Australia’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, became a director of Channel 10, she wanted one of the most popular TV shows in the world, The Simpsons, dropped because she didn’t like the show.

If that isn’t classic “Rich Asshole Syndrome”, I don’t know what is.

That’s it from us, have a good weekend!