While one couple may be all loved up and still together, another reality TV couple is calling it quits.

The Bachie got his fairy tale ending last night with fellow Brainiac Chelsie, but The Block isn’t as loved up.

Women’s Day reported that Dea and Darren, who’s fights became legendary on The Block five years ago, are no longer.

Such reality TV drama!

Now back to actual reality: Here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Detailed hits of 120g/t paint golden picture for Marmota

Well it’s obvious gold is still top of the pops! And we know when a company reports grades of 120 grams per tonne (g/t) gold investors go crazy.

But this one is a little bit quirky in that Marmota (ASX:MEU) is also finding some pretty nice high-grade gold thanks to tree leaves.

Marmota has been working from the geochemical sampling of leaves, following up on work done by the CSIRO.

The CSIRO found that there was a correlation between biogeochemical sampling results and surface and groundwater analysis.

Read on to find out more.


2. For ASX companies that are hitched to the global esports bandwagon, the race is on

esports also caught our readers’ attention this week – and why not, it’s a really, really big market.

In financial terms, the esports industry now generates turnover of more than $1 billion. And in a commercial sense it intertwines closely with the huge video game market — a global industry valued at well over $100 billion.

Amid all that, there’s a cohort of ASX small caps staying active in the space as they position for further growth.

We tell you all about them.


3. The CEO of UK-based SRJ says Australia is the ideal market to list its industrial tech business

Given the thin IPO market these days, it’s no surprise that when a company starts taking steps to list on the ASX people pay attention.

SRJ Technologies has been Down Under this week, meeting with investors as it wraps up its pre-IPO funding round ahead of an ASX-listing by early next year.

CEO Alexander Wood said the roadshow had been met with good investor appetite, which meant SRJ would probably use up the extra flexibility it flagged in the IPO documents.

We run through just exactly what these guys do.


4. The Wildcatter Podcast with Peter Strachan: Warrego Energy

Our newest podcast is proving a hit. And what better time to launch a new feature about oil and gas than after a drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil refineries sends prices north!

In his inaugural episode, stock analysis veteran and lover of the oil and gas game, Peter Strachan, interviews Warrego Energy (ASX:WGO) group CEO and managing director, Dennis Donald.

Warrego has been catapulted into the energy sector spotlight in recent months following a spate of major gas discoveries at its West Erregulla project located in the Perth basin.

Listen to our captivating new podcast.


5. Meeting demand for the booming growth in Australia’s aged care sector will require some innovative solutions

AI and aged care, who would’ve thought? But that’s just what the booming aged care sector is calling for.

Over the next 15 years, the number of Australians aged over 70 will almost double — to around 4.5 million.

As the population ages, the number of elderly citizens with dementia is forecast to rise by 88 per cent over the next 20 years.

And tech can play a role. A report has found that more than two thirds of respondents thought robotics could play a role in boosting patient engagement and reducing isolation in aged care facilities.

So maybe if grandma doesn’t have a pet, you could get her a robot buddy… just a thought.


6. The industry that billionaire investor Stephen Schwarzman sees as having ‘Amazon-like’ growth potential

Well when you put it like that….

Surely if a billionaire investor gives you a tip on an industry that is going to see “Amazon-like growth” it’s worth a read.

For those who don’t know, Nasdaq-listed Amazon is a nearly $US1 trillion company. To buy just one share would cost you just shy of $2,000 right now.

And billionaire investor Stephen Schwarzman reckons artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing.

Schwarzman founded American private equity firm Blackstone, which now has $US545 billion in assets and 2,500 employees. And he personally is worth $US18.4 billion.

So he probably has a little bit of an idea of what sectors are worth backing.

Take a gander if you haven’t already.


7. High Voltage: In 2023, there’s only enough battery grade lithium for VW and Tesla

Now this is the kind of news that warms the hearts of the battery metals fans – Tesla and VW are going to take all the lithium and there will be none left for anyone else.

In 2023 there will only be enough battery quality lithium available to meet the equivalent of Tesla’s (1.32 million) and VW’s (1.9 million) EV sales targets.

And that’s a problem for EV makers because they plan to roll out about 400 to 500 EV models globally by 2023.

Cue the scramble of carmakers trying to get their hands on battery grade lithium – things are starting to get interesting again.

Check it all out here.


8. Gold: Lock and load, it’s drilling season

One good gold hit is all it takes to alter the fortunes of a small cap explorer.

And all our readers want to know who is going to be the next Spectrum Metals (ASX:SPX) or Bellevue Gold (ASX:BGL).

Well a bunch of Aussie small caps are locked, loaded and ready to drill.

See who is starting drilling and watch this space.


9. Asia’s appetite for Aussie infant formula players is on the rise

The infant formula industry is also a hot topic right now, with China desperate to capture a greater market share (so what’s new?)

This is benefiting Aussie players after Bellamy’s received a takeover bid valued at nearly 60 per cent more than its share price from Hong Kong-listed dairy company Mengniu.

This shows just how much Chinese buyers are willing to pay to pick up a good business.

Who will be next?


10. Money Talks: This expert likes Aussie tech stocks that can compete on the global stage

Lastly, this expert likes Aussie tech stocks that can compete on the global stage.

So those with good intellectual property (IP) and good growth prospects.

IP is the legal ownership of an idea — aka patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Software in particular is a hot sector.

Check out the hot tips from Gregg Taylor, chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Bombora Group.


Have a good weekend!