Thirty-five ASX stocks did not pay their annual listing fees for the new financial year.

That’s down slightly down from 2018, when 37 companies failed to pay their annual fees.

The ASX suspends companies that don’t pay their bills by August 21 — but all 35 on the list were already suspended.

Notables on the list include virtual reality designer GoConnect, one-time cannabis hopeful Capital Mining, aspiring cryptocurrency play Byte Power,  soccer boot maker XPD and troubled business video maker BigUn.

Cleveland Mining Company, Diploma Group, East West Energy, GoConnect, KBL Mining, Mesa Minerals, Migme, Mission Newenergy and Onterran all began the 2019 financial year as they did in 2018: suspended.

Last year, 36 of the 37 companies that failed to pay were already suspended. Asaplus Resources didn’t meet the deadline and was suspended. It was reinstated six days later after it coughed up.

Here is the full list:

Anaeco ANQ
ATC Alloys ATA
Byte Power Group BPG
Capital Mining CMY
CBL Corporation CBL
Cleveland Mining Company CDG
Condor Blanco Mines CDB
Diploma Group DGX
East West Energy EWE
GoConnect GCN
KBL Mining KBL
Kinetiko Energy KKO
Mesa Minerals MAS
Migme MIG
Mission Newenergy MBT
Murchison Holdings MCH
Onterran OTR
Quest Investments QST
Quintis QIN
Raffles Capital RAF
Raven Energy REL
Rision RNL
Shenhua International SHU
SIV Asset Management SAM
Skyland Petroleum Group SKP
Stargroup STL
Titanium Sands Liited TSL
Veriluma VRI
Wavenet International WAL
Winha Commerce & Trade International WQW
WPG Resources WPG
XPD Soccer Gear Group XPD
XTV Networks XTV
Zamia Metals ZGM