Dragontail Systems (ASX:DTS) is a rare winner today, with its shares up over seven per cent following the launch of a “cleanliness module” to its pizza-checking AI camera technology.

“The new module can check the quality of every pizza against specified standards before it begins its delivery journey and can also alert stores when the cut bench (where the pizza is cut and boxed after baking and removal from the oven) needs cleaning,” Dragontail said.

The cleanliness module has already rolled out to all 850 Domino’s Pizza stores in Australia and New Zealand, which have been using the camera system since May 2019 to check the quality of its pizza pies.

Domino’s calls it the “Dom Pizza Checker” or “The Dom” and uses it as a selling point.

“In the current environment, where food safety and hygiene has never been more important, DOM Pizza Checker has played an instrumental role in providing customers with complete visibility over their meal,” said Don Meij, Domino’s Group chief executive and managing director, Australia.

Just after noon, Dragontail shares were up 7.5 per cent to 17.2c.