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Morning, Coinheads.

Looks like Russia may not be banning crypto-mining after all. Cryptomarkets were trading up on Friday, so why are investors selling at a loss? Miners seem to know what’s up though, as they continue to ‘hold’ for dear life. The SEC has again rejected a bitcoin spot-price ETF, and Cointracker’s bid to make tax season easier earns it an even $100m in Series A funding.

Also, New Silver DeFi real-estate lender, Kirill Bensonoff has thoughts on the potential for physical asset trading to stabilise DeFi.

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Best NFT marketplaces: Where to buy NFTs

NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be bought, stored and created, (or ‘minted’ as we Coinheads like to call it). Want to become the next big NFT investor? We got you covered. Check out all your NFT marketplace options.

Russian authorities propose crypto regulation

The Russians can’t make up their minds on crypto. Last week, its central bank called for an outright ban. This week, a working group are proposing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

US market close: Crypto trades up

Prominent cryptocurrencies were higher on Friday with Bitcoin up 4.15%, Ethereum up 6.43%, and Litecoin higher by 3.75%. In other digital assets, Bitcoin Cash was up 3.10% and Dogecoin was 1.95% in the green.

Cointracker raises $100m ahead of tax season

I reckon everyone agrees paying your crypto-taxes should be easier. So it’s probably unsurprising that Cointracker, a new cryptocurrency tax compliance service, raised more than US$100m ($142m AUD) in a Series A round on Thursday, 27 Jan, as the 2022 US income tax filing season opens.

UK crypto news: Investors selling at a loss – BTC in bear grip?

As Bitcoin continues to trade some 48% below its all-time high reached in November, many investors who are currently selling the coin are selling it at a loss, on-chain analysis suggests.

Physical asset-linked projects will foster stability in DeFi

An interview with Kirill Bensonoff, co-founder at DeFi real estate lender New Silver, provides a look as more physical assets get traded in decentralised ecosystems.

Bitcoin miners ‘holding’ as crypto prices fade

Investors may be selling low, but miners know what’s up. Bitcoin miners are “holding” their holdings as the cryptocurrency market continues its correction. Make of this what you will. According to analysts, there has been a spike in the amount of Bitcoin held since the first week of January.

SEC rejects bitcoin spot-price ETF again, chastises Chicago Board of Exchange

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again rejected a bid to approve a Bitcoin spot-price indexed exchange-traded fund, much to the chagrin of Coinheads everywhere, and US House Representative Tom Emmer specifically.


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