Dentistry is that expensive that 2 million Australians avoid it. But what’s bad news for patients is good news for companies, especially if you make dental materials like SDI (ASX:SDI).

It made $40m in sales and a $3.5m after-tax profit. The latter figure was 12 per cent higher than the same period last year.

“This is a very pleasing result with many of our milestones achieved in the half,” CEO Damantha Cheetham said.

“With increased investment in sales and marketing activities we are beginning to see strong growth in the product categories and regions we are targeting.”

Its best performing business segments were aesthetics and whitening, which both grew by over 15 per cent. While Australia is responsible for 39 per cent of sales and it grew 7.2 per cent, its fastest growing market is Brazil, which rose 23 per cent.

The company will be paying a dividend of 1.35c per share and told shareholders it expected more growth in the months ahead.

Shares rose 9 per cent at market open this morning. In the last 12 months SDI has gained 20 per cent.


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In other ASX corporate news today:

Educational resource provider 3P Learning (ASX:3PL) fell 6 per cent after its half yearly. Its $2m profit from the first half of last financial year swung to a $1.9m loss despite revenue only falling 3 per cent. The company blamed sales execution issues but said its three-year growth plan was showing promising signs.

Retailer Baby Bunting (ASX:BBN) reported a pro forma $7.5m profit after tax, a 31 per cent gain from $186.4m in sales. It still expects a $20-22m profit for the full year. While it could not yet be certain about the impact of the coronavirus (it sources from China) it believes it has sufficient stock to support the business.

Longtable Group (ASX:LON) gave its shareholders a teaser for its half-yearly results. Its Maggie Beer and St David Dairy products returned double digit earnings margins and Paris Creek Farms also performed well. However, the company expects a $12.4m non-cash impairment of goodwill for the latter and becoming cashflow positive is still another half year away.