Each Monday, Stockhead’s resident day trader gives us a peek at the highs and lows of his trading diary and hints at what might be coming this week.

Platform used: Marketech
Round Trip: $10 (previously $40 on alternative platform)
Rules of engagement: Never hold any positions overnight (unless forced) and try to avoid any suspensions (if possible). No shorting.


Monday February 15

All the stocks on my watch list are up 20 mins after the open, except CBA. They open at 87.10 and are 86.64 at 10.24am, so buy 1000.

Watching all my other favourites and nothing stands out as a trade. I mean, CBA has a yield, which should mean that it gets propped up at some point.

They go up and then back down. Double down at 86.35. Time 1.24pm.

Still waiting for a rally and double down again at 86.25 by buying 2000. Time 3.23pm.

Then the rally finally comes and sell 4000 at 86.47 to make A$390 gross. Time 3.38pm. My average in price was 86.3725. They hit 86.60 and then get slammed in the 4.15pm wash up down to 86.31 and as for Z1P. OMG.

They hit an all-time high of 12.76, having opened at 11.06. Volume 27m. It’s like Elon has bought some! Amazing.

+1000 CBA at 86.64, +1000 at 86.35, +2000 at 86.25, -4000 CBA at 86.47, Profit A$390 (average came in at 86.3725)

Image: Marketech


Tuesday February 16

Very busy day, with some wild swings, starting out with CBA being marked down as gone Ex Dividend (A$1.50). Pick up 1000 at below 85.00 and sell them at 85.22 for a A$230 profit.

Big falls in Kogan and Treasury Wines helps add A$250 to the bank balance. Wild movements in Z1P and FMG also let’s me have a go for a combined profit of A$160.

All up plus A$700 and traded in and out of six different companies. Have added four graphs today because of their wild swings.

+1000 CBA at 84.99, -1000 CBA at 85.22, Profit A$230 (Gone Ex div today)
*1000 TWE at 9.56, -1000 TWE at 9.68, Profit A$120
+1000 KGN at 16.54, +1000 KGN at 16.35, -2000 KGN at 16.51, Profit A$130
+1000 Z1P at 13.69, -1000 Z1P at 13.79, Profit A$100
+200 APT at 151.74, -200 APT at 152.04, Profit A$60
+1000 FMG at 23.75, -1000 FMG at 23.81, Profit A$60

Image: Marketech
Image: Marketech
Image: Marketech
Image: Marketech


Wednesday February 17

Steer clear of the Z1Ps and APTs as they move so fast. Have learnt the hard way when stocks are like this and getting it wrong can be brutal.

Decide to have a go at CBA at 85.00 for the bounce. Never happens, so end up buying another 1000 at 84.25 and 1500 at 84.18.

End the day on a 8c loss which equates to A$240 loss for the day. KGN and TWE both recover a bit more today.

+500 CBA at 85.00, +1000 CBA at 84.25, +1500 CBA at 84.18, cut 3000 at 84.26, Loss A$240. (See graph)

Image: Marketech

Image: Marketech


Thursday February 18

Another interesting day in Z1P and APT and again steer clear of. Determined to make back yesterday’s loss, so concentrate on CBA. Buy 1000 at 83.06. Can’t believe they touched 85.00 yesterday.

Sell them at 84.41 and watch them go to 84.60, before coming all the way back down to below what I sold them for. Make A$340 and take back more than yesterday’s loss.

FMG half-year come out and declare a A$1.47 FF div. Nice. They touch A$25.

+1000 CBA at 83.06, -1000 CBA at 84.41, Profit A$340 (makes up for yesterday’s loss)

Image: Marketech
Image: Marketech

Image: Marketech


Friday February 19

Still avoiding APT and Z1P, though Z1P wasn’t so volatile today. High 12.59 and low 11.87 on a vol of 14m whilst APT ranged from 159.28 to 151.76 with their last trade 151.92. Let’s see what Monday brings.

I end up losing A$50 on FMG and making A$400 on CBA. Had to double down on both, but CBA had an almost A$2.00 swing and FMG had a couple of weird spikes and don’t fully understand but a higher limit didn’t get triggered, so must have been a Fat Finger trade?

Anyway, see graphs. Overall all up A$350 for the day and A$1540 for the week before brokerage.

+1000 CBA at 82.88, +1000 at 81.70, -2000 at 82.49, Profit A$400 (slowly trending lower over the week, having gone ex-div on Tuesday)
+1000 FMG at 24.19, +1000 at 23.92, -2000 at 24.03, Loss A$50 (Don’t know why I bt the first 1000. Moment of weakness!)

Image: Marketech
Image: Marketech

Profit for week: A$1540
Brokerage: A$446
Net profit for week: A$1094
Most satisfying: KGN and TWE
Least satisfying: CBA loss