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Hosted by former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, Justin Kelly, we chat to leaders on the front line on how to get started, what it takes to build a successful business, how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this episode, Justin talks with Chris Christofi, CEO and founder of property investment, financial planning and wealth management business Reventon.

Chris is a multi award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, property investor, philanthropist and best-selling author. Growing up with a strong work ethic in a Cypriot family, Chris owned eight properties by the age of 24, only to lose them all when the partnership collapsed. He went on to start his business, Reventon, from his parents’ house at the age of 25 with $348,000 worth of debt.

Reventon is now one of Australia’s most well known property and finance companies, having helped more than 3,000 people buy property. Services include property investment, mortgage & finance and tax & accounting.

Chris has been a top fundraiser for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for four consecutive years and is committed to helping Australians in need to escape the grip of homelessness. He will participate in his fifth consecutive Vinnies CEO Sleepout this year, with an ambitious goal to raise $250,000, an all time record. His Lead with Kindness event in June kicks off this year’s charity campaign.

Tune in below.