It’s been another year of lockdown and supply challenges for all companies dealing with the COVID-19 variants as they pop up.

But with challenges, comes opportunities to learn and grow. So as the end of the year approaches, we took the chance to tap our client list and ask CEOs of ASX-listed small caps – from sand miners to cannabis growers to fintechs – what they learnt in 2021, their highlights, and what they hope for in 2022.

Today, we’re talking about resolutions. Yes, it’s time.

What’s your resolution for 2022?

Robert Martin (Chairman, Suvo Strategic Minerals, ASX:SUV)

I don’t make them, as FY22 was planned 6 months ago.

Alex Biggs (MD, Critical Resources Limited, ASX:CRR)

More mentoring of young professionals in our industry

Milan Jerkovic (Chair, Wiluna Mining, ASX:WMC)

Don’t really do resolutions. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and catch up with family when we can travel again.

Paul Russell (Executive Director, IOUpay, ASX:IOU)

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Steven Yatomi-Clarke (CEO, Prescient Therapeutics, ASX:PTX)

1. To work towards ambitious goals objectively and purposefully.
2. To keep learning and growing.
3. And to finally get that awning fixed. Enough’s enough!

William Howe (CEO, Andean Mining, ASX:ADM)

Shrug off Covid and focus on the future.

Paul Glass, CEO, Nexion Group

Paul Glass (CEO, Nexion Group, ASX:NNG)

Stop kidding myself that the resolutions I make every year have even the tiniest chance of coming true.

Roby Zomer, (CEO, MGC Pharma, ASX:MXC)

To focus on achieving the goals for MGC Pharma to allow me more free time with my family. After so many years being busy running this company, I hope to have more of a balance next year.

Karim Nejaim (CEO and MD, ActivePort Group, ASX:ATV)

To keep everything simple. I’m creating space for fitness, both physical and mental, and to get enough downtime to stay healthy, sharp and dedicated to big picture thinking. I want this to be part of the ActivePort way too – where we put people first, always. It’s not about how many hours we work but about stepping away from the laptops to allow time for the great ideas and innovation to happen.

Ralph Highnam (CEO, Volpara Health Technologies, ASX:VHT)

Spend more time with my young kids, get back into Tae Kwondo, and have more quality time with my wife.

Jason Cooper (CEO, Envirosuite, ASX:EVS)

Exercise needs to take more of a priority for me in an increasingly busy travel schedule.

Michael Anderson (Managing Director, Firefinch, ASX:FFX)

Whether it’s work or personal stuff I have the same motto; Just Do it!

Glenn Smith (Managing Director, TALi Digital, ASX:TD1)

To remember few challenges are too big. If you’d told me in March last year we would be finishing 2021 with not just one but several effective vaccination options and vaccination rates in the high nineties I think I would have had a hard time believing it. What’s been achieved in just a few short months this year is nothing short of remarkable. It makes me wonder, what else could we change if we put our minds to it?