It’s been another year of lockdown and supply challenges for all companies dealing with the COVID-19 variants as they pop up.

But with challenges, comes opportunities to learn and grow. So as the end of the year approaches, we took the chance to tap our client list and ask CEOs of ASX-listed small caps – from sand miners to cannabis growers to fintechs – what they learnt in 2021, their highlights, and what they hope for in 2022.

Today, we ask:

What are your three most important goals in 2022?

Idan Schmorak (CEO, Crowd Media, ASX:CM8)

  • Remaining effective and flexible within COVID limitations, not letting workplace changes hurt our growth
  • Commercialising our new platform before the end of the year and have our revolutionary tech used in at least two continents
  • Elevate Crowd Media as an Employer of Choice in the competitive tech industry by leading in EU & AU employee satisfaction surveys

Alastair Wilkie (CEO, Change Financial, ASX:CCA)

  • Our focus is on revenue growth by acquiring new banks and fintech clients and
  • Building our partnership model with complementary organisations
  • Working closely with schemes like Mastercard and Visa to enable high demand payments functionality to address the changing consumer led disruption in the payments industry

Robert Martin (Chairman, Suvo Strategic Minerals, ASX:SUV)

  • Completing the planned upgrades for our Pittiong Victorian mining operations
  • The development of our Gabbin Kaolin project
  • And our Nova Silica Sand project, both in Western Australia
Glenn Smith, Managing Director, TALi Digital

Glenn Smith (Managing Director, TALi Digital, ASX:TD1)

  • We’ll continue the development of our second-generation TALi platform, which will be rolled out in the U.S. in 2023 by Akili for children aged 3-8.
  • We’ll also work to put our first-generation products, TALi Detect and TALi Train, in the hands of more parents, children and healthcare professionals.
  • We’ll continue to work with the community help reduce the remaining stigma about attention challenges in children. We know from research that it’s possible to ‘retrain’ our brains. That’s all the more true in young children. In TALi we now have digital ‘medicines’ which can help improve attention. But, as the saying goes, the first step is always admitting there is a problem. As a community we still have some way to go there.

Paul Lock (MD, Pan Asia Metals, ASX:PAM)

Very simple:

  • Deliver on current projects
  • Secure targeted projects
  • Build the company’s footprint

Karim Nejaim (CEO and MD, ActivePort Group, ASX:ATV

For ActivePort, 2022 will be the year of international growth. We’ve done the groundwork setting up international partnerships and a strong customer base, and next year we will see the results of our strategy.

We have three main goals: Execute our hunt for top talent in Australia and overseas, drive an excellent and seamless customer experience, and converting our strong customer pipeline to deliver strong revenue growth in software sales. I am looking forward to being able to tell the story of how we’re growing in 2022.

Alex Biggs (MD, Critical Resources Limited, ASX:CRR)

  • Continue drilling at Halls Peak in NSW
  • Begin drilling at our Mavis Lake lithium project in Canada
  • Define the value proposition of the business more clearly based off our exploration works

Milan Jerkovic (Chair, Wiluna Mining, ASX:WMC)

  • Commercialise production at approximately 120,000 oz/pa
  • Delivery of a DFS to expand production to 250,000 oz/pa
  • Continuation of aggressive exploration. All in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner

Paul Russell (Executive Director, IOUpay, ASX:IOU)

  • Strong local growth in Malaysia
  • Brand leadership through product innovation and a continued focus on quality
  • Continuing to build a performance based culture

Steven Yatomi-Clarke (CEO, Prescient Therapeutics, ASX:PTX)

Steven Yatomi-Clarke,
CEO, Prescient Therapeutics
  • Progress our targeted therapies through the clinic, with PTX-100 in particular showing encouraging signs in a high value disease with unmet need (PTCL)
  • Ongoing development of three OmniCAR products for next-generation cell therapies in AML; GBM and Her2+ solid cancers
  • Leveraging the unique capabilities of the OmniCAR platform beyond our programs to create truly game-changing cell therapies

William Howe (CEO, Andean Mining, ASX:ADM)

  • Completing a listing on the ASX (if not completed in December)
  • Unlocking the potential of our Colombian project
  • Growing the company from its current asset base

Paul Glass (CEO, Nexion Group, ASX:NNG)

We are an Australian based technology company, but our product is global. We play in a global market space into the Billions of dollars and we can create our own global market. We’re focussed on ‘what’s Next!’

Hybrid cloud helps to bridge the gap between businesses and information technology by improving efficiency and agility and at the same time rapidly delivering IT resources at an affordable cost, our focus is to continue to expand into new locations and secure enterprise contracts.

Roby Zomer (CEO, MGC Pharma, ASX:MXC)

  • Achieving the emergency approval of CimetrA
  • Becoming a profitable company and being cashflow positive
  • Completing the Epilepsy studies and getting CannEpil to the finish line so we can get to the stage where we can be in talks with drug agencies to commercialise it

Ralph Highnam (CEO, Volpara Health Technologies, ASX:VHT)

  • Deliver on the guidance we gave to the market about strong revenue growth for our FY2022. Our guidance at the start of the financial year was for revenue of NZ$25M to $NZ26M. In the first half, revenue was up 30 per cent to $NZ12.3M. The second half is traditionally stronger, so we’re well positioned
  • Continue to innovate. We have successfully piloted “Project Thumb”, which is a move towards empowering women with breast density information by including their images directly into their notification letters. We have numerous other initiatives in various stages of development or roll out, including building out our extensive data platform. We continue to work with researchers around the world to help them understand what optimal breast cancer screening might look like. We have so much more that we can do to reduce the cancer death toll
  • Continue to become ever more scalable in all that we do. Last year, we reworked our underlying on-site architecture to allow it to scale much more easily and cost-effectively as our footprint grows. And this year the focus on scalability came to fruition with the release of a significantly upgraded version of our key cloud product, Volpara Analytics

Michael Anderson (Managing Director, Firefinch, ASX:FFX)

  • To successfully complete the demerger of Leo Lithium’
  • To deliver on Morila’s ramp-up to >100,000oz of gold production
  • To maximise value creation for FFX and LLL shareholders