The ASX has come roaring back from the June long weekend, following two more strong gains on Wall Street.

All eyes were on monthly US jobs data last Friday, which were expected to show the economy lost another 8 million-odd jobs in May. Instead, the official number was a 2.5m gain.

The following days saw much posturing about what the stats actually meant and whether they were accurate. But as for stock investors (who were already feeling bullish anyway), the data provided just the tonic for another strong rally which continued into Monday trade on US markets.

Geo-political tensions between the US and China remain ever-present, while mass protests against police brutality continue to gather momentum across most major western economies.

As for the pesky global health pandemic that briefly threatened to derail life as we know it, the news cycle appears to have moved on for now (although some would argue it may have moved too soon).

ASX stocks have followed the US lead to start the week, with the ASX200 posting a 2.5 per cent gain to climb back above the 6,000 mark. The Small Ords Index was around two per cent higher into midday trade at 2,756.


Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm on Tuesday June 9:

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ABT Abundant Produce 0.049 188.24% $4.2M
NTI Neurotech Intl 0.012 100.00% $2.6M
CAD Caeneus Minerals 0.002 100.00% $7.0M
GLA Gladiator Resources 0.002 100.00% $1.9M
LCY Legacy Iron Ore 0.003 50.00% $18.7M
CFE Cape Lambert Resources 0.003 50.00% $5.2M
VIC Victory Mines 0.002 50.00% $3.1M
OAR Oakdale Resources Ltd 0.003 50.00% $1.4M
XTC Xantippe Resources 0.003 50.00% $6.7M
XF1 Xref 0.20 42.86% $34.7M
LMG Latrobe Magnesium Ltd 0.014 40.00% $18.2M
MGV Musgrave Minerals Ltd 0.33 37.50% $148.2M
AIS Aeris Resources Ltd 0.047 38.24% $23.2M
BRN Brainchip Holdings 0.12 36.36% $175.7M
SOP Synertec 0.026 30.00% $5.7M
NZM NZME 0.325 30.00% $49.1M
ICU Isentric Ltd 0.009 28.57% $1.4M
CXX Cradle Resources Ltd 0.04 25.00% $6.1M
CTO Citigold Corporation 0.005 25.00% $10.4M
ANA Ansila Energy NL 0.02 25.00% $8.1M
DHR Dark Horse Resources 0.003 25.00% $5.0M
AFR African Energy Resources 0.02 25.00% $10.0M
SHK Stone Resources Australia 0.005 25.00% $3.3M
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University-backed food research company Abundant Produce (ASX:ABT) was up and about this morning, posting a gain of almost 200 per cent on no news.

The last communication from ABT was a new product update last Tuesday, including a “hand sanitiser for COVID-19”.

Also rising strongly was AI-tech platform Brainchip Holdings (ASX:BRN), which announced an agreement with the Europe-based Valeo Corporation to supply its neuro-scientific AI software for use in the development of autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems.

And on the gold front, junior explorer Musgrave Minerals (ASX:MGV) rose to new all-time highs on the back of more ‘bonanza’ drilling results at its new ‘Starlight’ discovery in WA’s Murchison district.


Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12pm on Tuesday June 9:

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ALT Analytica Ltd 0.002 -33.33% $3.5M
VMG Vdm Group 0.001 -33.33% $10.4M
PCL Pancontinental Oil&Gas 0.001 -33.33% $8.1M
SBR Sabre Resources Ltd 0.003 -25.00% $2.6M
PPL Pureprofile Ltd 0.01 -23.08% $1.2M
NXE New Energy Minerals 0.007 -22.22% $1.2M
GBP Global Petroleum 0.012 -20.00% $2.4M
RAN Range International 0.009 -18.18% $3.3M
BCK Brockman Mining Ltd 0.023 -17.86% $259.8M
BLV Blossomvale Holdings 0.05 -16.67% $3.1M
ESE Esense-Lab 0.016 -15.79% $2.9M
AL8 Alderan Resources 0.14 -15.15% $29.0M
MSE Metalsearch 0.012 -14.29% $14.1M
RIM Rimfire Pacific Mining NL 0.006 -14.29% $9.5M
CZR Coziron Resources Ltd 0.012 -14.29% $28.6M
ENE Enevis 0.039 -13.33% $2.6M
FEL Fe Ltd 0.014 -12.50% $6.8M
EUC European Cobalt 0.037 -11.90% $29.7M
EN1 Engage:BDR 0.008 -11.11% $7.4M
EPM Eclipse Metals Ltd 0.008 -11.11% $11.3M
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