When it comes to powering devices the trend is to use USBs.

But some still use traditional batteries.

There are pros and cons to each. For USB devices, you need some power source. For batteries you need enough of them and you can never be sure exactly how long it will last for.

Both of these negatives are positives for the other. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? These batteries can be recharged by USB.

They do come at a premium to regular batteries. A set of four will set you back nearly $40 – but perhaps you get what you pay for.

Also worth noting today, June 19, is the birthday of Garfield. He’s fairly old for a cat – perhaps lasagna works well in recharging him. But we digress on his age…

Pic: Paws Inc

Our markets are far older and they’re coping today. The ASX Small Ords is up nearly 1 per cent today (by 28 points) to 2,865. As we noted in yesterday’s wrap, markets are up since the RBA announced its rate cut.

Yesterday the minutes of the meeting were released and the possibility of more cuts is firmly on the cards.

Going up

Red Sky Energy (ASX: ROG) jumped 50 per cent after announcing its oil project had a contingent resource of 9.9 million barrels of oil and they wanted to restart operations.

Who said pot was no longer hot? OBJ (ASX: OBJ) announced a research collaboration for their transdermal technology. They’ve jumped more than 20 per cent today.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday June 19:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
ROG Red Sky Energy Ltd 0.003 50% $3.8M 2.4M
PCL Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL 0.002 33% $10.8M 299.0k
SGC SACGASCO Ltd 0.02 33% $5.3M 1.4M
ANR Anatara Lifesciences Ltd 0.28 30% $14.1M 94.4k
OAU Ora Gold Ltd 0.009 29% $5.8M 156.3k
WML Woomera Mining Ltd 0.03 25% $2.8M 126.3k
ANL Amani Gold Ltd 0.005 25% $13.0M 3.9M
DHR Dark Horse Resources Ltd 0.0025 25% $9.9M 100.0k
ENX Enegex Ltd 0.01 25% $805K 349.1k
EQE Equus Mining Ltd 0.01 25% $9.0M 362.5k
LCY Legacy Iron Ore Ltd 0.005 25% $3.7M 245.0k
ABV Advanced Braking Technology Lt 0.02 24% $6.2M 586.9k
SIS Simble Solutions Ltd 0.05 23% $5.1M 503.9k
OBJ OBJ Ltd 0.02 21% $30.8M 12.0M
QFY Quantify Technology Holdings L 0.006 20% $5.9M 1.7M
HGM High Grade Metals Ltd 0.006 20% $2.7M 405.4k
SI6 Six Sigma Metals Ltd 0.006 20% $3.4M 1.2M
PUR Pursuit Minerals Ltd 0.02 19% $3.4M 2.1M
NWM Norwest Minerals Ltd 0.23 18% $14.8M 9.7k
KTA Krakatoa Resources Ltd 0.03 17% $3.2M 2.1M
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Going down

It would seem no news is bad news. Fellow oil play Sagalio Energy (ASX: SAN) fell 33 per cent and they have had no news since their quarterly on April 29.

Two companies fell after momentum wore off after operational news last week, MRG Metals (ASX: MRQ) and Tanga Resources (ASX: TRL).

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Wednesday June 19:

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Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
SAN Sagalio Energy Ltd 0.002 -33% $409K 64.0k
CAV Carnavale Resources Ltd 0.002 -33% $1.5M 200.0k
KTE K2 Energy Ltd 0.01 -33% $1.8M 250.0k
TOM Tomizone Ltd 0.003 -25% $1.3M 125.0k
CAD Caeneus Minerals Ltd 0.0015 -25% $3.2M 1.4M
AHN Athena Resources Ltd 0.02 -21% $5.1M 200.0k
TRL Tanga Resources Ltd 0.002 -20% $2.5M 250.0k
SMD Syndicated Metals Ltd 0.004 -20% $2.7M 408.9k
RFN Reffind Ltd 0.004 -20% $2.1M 3.0k
PNN PepinNini Lithium Ltd 0.002 -20% $2.5M 700.0k
EPM Eclipse Uranium Ltd 0.002 -20% $2.3M 200.0k
PBX Pacific Bauxite Ltd 0.01 -18% $3.6M 50.5k
UTR Ultracharge Ltd 0.0025 -17% $2.7M 470.0k
QGL Quantum Graphite Ltd 0.0025 -17% $19.2M 353.0k
MRQ MRG Metals Ltd 0.005 -17% $3.3M 640.0k
IPT Impact Minerals Ltd 0.005 -17% $6.6M 250.0k
E2E Eon NRG Ltd 0.005 -17% $3.8M 78.0k
ARE Argonaut Resources NL 0.005 -17% $7.8M 444.0k
AGE Alligator Energy Ltd 0.0025 -17% $2.5M 100.0k
MQR Marquee Resources Ltd 0.1 -17% $4.3M 289.2k
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