While COVID-19 travel restrictions are bad news for airlines, aerial imaging small cap Aerometrex (ASX:AMX) says the less congested skies have made things easier.

The company today shareholders today  it enjoyed “better access to air space over the capital cities than in normal circumstances” as announced the appointment of David Byrne as its new chief operating officer.

Bryne was previously the company’s chief technical officer.

Managing director Mark Deuter told Stockhead that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the regular passenger transport and commercial air traffic from the airlines were just increasing and increasing.

“It was harder and harder for the air traffic controllers to juggle all the commercial flights as well as air work and the category we fall in,” he said.

“We’re finding now that commercial air traffic is greatly reduced, the air space is a lot clearer and we’re pretty much able to operate without any disruption at all.”

Demand “as strong as ever”

Deuter also told Stockhead that his company was continuing to thrive through these times.

With many aerial imaging uses continuing or growing during this time – such as engineering and environmental monitoring; so has his company.

“We haven’t slowed down at all, we’re still growing quickly, we’ve been employing people right throughout this COVID period, investing in new aircraft and cameras,” Deuter said.

“There’s been a few issues with border clearances, just moving things around. But in general the demand for our services is as strong as ever and increasing”.

This morning the company’s shares were unchanged.

But after plunging during the COVID-19 market meltdown in March, they are back above their $1 IPO price once more.