To keep readers entertained during the Christmas season we’ve recapped our best-read stories of 2019; it’ll help you forget you still have to battle the hoards to finish your gift shopping with a little over a week to go.

The traditional 12 Days of Christmas covers things like partridges, golden rings, and milking maids. Our stocking is better — full to the brim with battery metals, infant formula, expert stock picks, and resources ‘movers and shakers’.

Second on our best-read list is infant formula, which is big business and certainly grabbing investors’ and our readers’ attention.

Though this particular article came before China’s big play for one of the largest Aussie players, Bellamy’s (ASX:BAL), the interest in infant formula has been around for a good chunk of 2019.

Infant formula stocks had a solid first few months of 2019. But in May, the industry was down 6 per cent and only four out of 14 stocks gained.

However, the stocks that gained had positive news in a market that has for months been in a state of pure competition but now faces increasing competition from Chinese companies and larger Western firms keen to enter the market.

Stockhead’s Dr Data, Nick Sundich, delivered a mid-year recap of the biggest winners and losers. If you missed it the first time around or you just love re-reading a gripping tale, check it out here.