Stockhead’s Top 10 at 10 highlights the best (and worst) performing ASX small caps in morning trade. It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every stock has commenced trading.

Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Code Name Price % Chg Volume
CCE Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd 0.002 +100.00% 2.0M
GTE Great Western Exploration Ltd 0.002 +100.00% 11.8M
NVU Nanoveu Ltd 0.15 +76.47% 5.0M
YOW Yowie Group Ltd 0.06 +56.76% 1.2M
BAS Bass Oil Ltd 0.0015 +50.00% 500.0k
CLZ Classic Minerals Ltd 0.0015 +50.00% 2.0M
DHR Dark Horse Resources Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 1.0M
XTC Xantippe Resources Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 5.7M
EX1 Exopharm Ltd 0.3 +36.36% 693.3k
SPQ Superior Resources Ltd 0.005 +33.33% 300.0k
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Nanoveu (ASX:NVU) announced its technology was effective against the OC43 coronavirus strain. While sadly this is not the one causing the current pandemic, it is one of the causes of the common cold.

Also rising was chocolatier Yowie (ASX:YOW) which announced a capital return to shareholders.


Code Name Price % Chg Volume
PNN PepinNini Lithium Ltd 0.001 -50.00% 15.6k
VIC Victory Mines Ltd 0.001 -33.33% 500.0k
SKY Sky Metals Ltd 0.3 -26.83% 1.3M
MTB Mount Burgess Mining NL 0.003 -25.00% 200.0k
AVW Avira Resources Ltd 0.002 -20.00% 599.0k
COB Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd 0.1 -13.04% 105.1k
CHK Cohiba Minerals Ltd 0.007 -12.50% 3.2M
ARD Argent Minerals Ltd 0.02 -11.76% 2.2M
WNB Wellness and Beauty Solutions 0.01 -11.11% 3.3M
UBN Ltd 0.05 -10.53% 35.3k
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New South Wales focused gold explorer Sky Metals (ASX:SKY) plunged this morning. The stock had gradually risen in the last few weeks off the back of no news then delivering a drilling update leaving shareholders disappointed.