IPOs in 2021 are fast catching up to the surge we saw in 2020.

The latest data shows a total of 42 new companies have so far floated on the ASX in 2021, for a combined total market cap of around $5.5 billion.

By far the biggest listing this year was that of Latitude Financial (ASX:LFS), which commands a market value of $2.5 billion.

The 42 listings near the halfway point compare to the 113 IPO listings for the whole of 2020, which in itself grew by 23 per cent from 2019.

The year 2020 was indeed a big year to live up to with regards to IPOs.

According to the ASX, the market value of new listings – which includes IPOs, spin-offs, direct and dual listings – had increased by 148 per cent in 2020 to $35.7 billion.

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Four new notable stocks made their ASX debut in the last two weeks.

MLG Oz (ASX:MLG), a supply chain solution company, listed on May 4. The company had raised $70.7 million at $1 per share in the IPO. The Kalgoorlie-based company mainly works with mining companies in WA and NT. The MLG share price has risen by more than 30 per cent since listing, trading today at $1.36.

Technology-based recruitment company, Hiremii (ASX:HMI) listed at 20c a share after raising $6 million in the IPO. The company uses its proprietary artificial intelligence technology to reduce the amount of time and costs in recruiting. Its revenue has grown from zero to $6m in just three years time.

The share price dropped to 15c in yesterday’s trading.

Global Lithium Resources (ASX:GL1) was another newcomer in the ASX in the past fortnight. The lithium miner listed at 20c after a heavily oversubscribed $10 million IPO. The company is currently exploring potential lithium from its Marble Bar Lithium Project in the Pilbara region of WA.

Its share price rose to 30c yesterday.

Energy efficiency software company, EP&T Global (ASX:EPX), raised $11m at 20c per share, and made its debut yesterday. Its software is mainly used by real estate companies to identify and address energy inefficiences in their buildings.

The EPX share price rose by 5pc to 21c as of the time of writing.

The two best performing IPOs so far this year have been Pentanet (ASX:5GG), and Firebird Metal (ASX:FRB) – returning over 200 per cent and 150 per cent respectively.

Notable upcoming listings

Hearing tech company Audeara (ASX:AUA) is set to float on Tuesday 18 May. The company makes headphones designed to help people with hearing loss, and has raised $7 million in its IPO.

Another upcoming and interesting IPO is mouthguard tech company, HitIQ (ASX:HIQ). The company has raised $10 million in fresh equity at 20¢ a share.

HIQ sells “smart mouthguards” with sensors which collect data from a player’s mouth. The data can then be fed to the team’s medical staff to help in cases of concussion or injuries.

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