It has been a slow start to the new fiscal year, with the list of planned IPOs thinning out.

There’s just seven companies on the ASX’s list of IPOs hoping to hit the boards this month and next.

According to the bourse’s market stats, initial capital raised in June fell nearly 12 per cent from the prior month, from $2.05 billion to $1.81 billion.

But the $5.37 billion in secondary capital raised in June is almost double May’s $2.79 billion. So clearly investors are still interested – just not so much in IPOs.

Here’s a (quite short) list of upcoming IPOs:

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Company ASX code IPO status Focus Fund raising Issue price
AppsVillage Australia APV Due to list July 23 Software-as-a-Service company $6m 20c
Australian Nutrition & Sports AN1 Was due to list Apr 3; ASIC has issued an interim stop notice Dairy formula $5-$8m 20c
Nemex Resources NXR Due to list July 24 Gold and base metals exploration $5m 20c
QuickFee QFE Due to list July 11 Payment platform and SME finance lender $13.5m 20c
Sezzle SZL Offer closes July 12; Due to list July 30 Payment platform $43.6m $1.22
Tartana Resources TNA Offer closes July 26; Due to list Aug 13 Copper and zinc exploration $6m 20c
Trigg Mining TMG Offer extended to July 12; Due to list July 24 Potash $4.5m 20c
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Although there has been a declining number of IPOs, many of those that managed to get away have done quite nicely.

Over 64 per cent of this year’s new floats have ticked up between 2 and 476 per cent.

The most recent debutante, biotech play Invex Therapeutics (ASX:IXC), got off to a flying start last Friday.

The company, which is backed by billionaire mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, raised $12m at IPO via the issuance of 30m shares at 40c each. The stock commenced trading at 60c and closed on Friday at $1.075 — a healthy premium of 169 per cent to the listing price.

It has edged back slightly but is still trading at over $1, which should make investors that got in at the IPO very happy.

Wireless internet provider Uniti Wireless (ASX:UWL) has topped the list with a 476 per cent gain since it listed in February.

The company’s share price is trading around $1.44 at the moment.

Bacteria-killing biotech Next Science (ASX:NXS) is now around 4x its IPO price, trading at just under $4.

The company’s flagship product is its proprietary Xbio technology platform, which works to kill biofilms — protective shields formed by bacteria that makes them harder to kill.

Despite the regulatory hurdles, pot stocks are still in vogue it seems, with the ASX’s first cannabis IPO of 2019, Ecofibre (ASX:EOF), rallying ~200 per cent to nearly $3 since its March listing.

Last week Ecofibre was quizzed by the ASX about its share price jump, but the company put it down to its impending FY19 results confirming Ecofibre’s “market leading position” in the US independent pharmacy market.

In the US, the company produces nutraceutical products for human and pet consumption, as well as topical creams and salves.

Here’s a performance rundown of this year’s ASX entrants:

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Listing Date ASX Code Company IPO Price Price July 9 (Intraday) % Return
01/29/2019 SPT Splitit Payments 0.2 0.505 1.525
02/13/2019 UWL Uniti Wireless 0.25 1.44 4.76
02/14/2019 A1G African Gold 0.2 0.16 -0.2
02/19/2019 CLB Candy Club Holdings 0.2 0.075 -0.625
02/22/2019 MPH Mediland Pharm 0.2 0.32 0.6
03/07/2019 CBY Canterbury Resources 0.3 0.29 -0.0333333333333
03/29/2019 EOF Ecofibre 1 2.99 1.99
04/17/2019 RDY Readytech Holdings 1.51 1.56 0.0331125827815
04/18/2019 NXS Next Science 1 4 3
04/29/2019 MOT MCP Income Opportunities Trust 2 2.05 0.025
04/30/2019 PE1 Pengana Private Equity Trust 1.25 1.415 0.132
05/07/2019 MRZ Mont Royal Resources 0.2 0.26 0.3
05/10/2019 360 Life360 Inc 4.79 3.89 -0.187891440501
05/14/2019 PCI Perpetual Credit Income Trust 1.1 1.13 0.0272727272727
05/23/2019 PWL Powerwrap 0.35 0.27 -0.228571428571
05/24/2019 TIP Teaminvest Private Group 1 0.89 -0.11
05/28/2019 IAP Investec Australia Property Fund 1.32 1.47 0.113636363636
06/06/2019 PKS PKS Holdings 0.2 0.18 -0.1
06/06/2019 RLT Renergen 0.8 0.85 0.0625
06/07/2019 VVA Viva Leisure 1 0.95 -0.05
06/11/2019 PGL Prospa Group 3.78 3.73 -0.0132275132275
06/12/2019 PBH PointsBet Holdings 2 2.78 0.39
06/14/2019 VOL Victory Offices 2 2.2 0.1
06/14/2019 2BE Tubi 0.2 0.35 0.75
06/17/2019 RF1 Regal Investment Fund 2.5 2.55 0.02
06/19/2019 WSP Whispir 1.6 1.485 -0.071875
06/21/2019 VGI VGI Partners 5.5 12.31 1.23818181818
07/05/2019 IXC Invex Therapeutics 0.4 1.02 1.55
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