Newly-listed ASX stocks are struggling to make headway, with two thirds having lost ground since debut.

Even the highly anticipated $3 billion coal play Coronado (ASX:CRN) has failed to impress, not yet trading above its $4 IPO price.

Coronado — the biggest coal mining float since Yancoal Australia’s $1.5 billion listing in 2012 — claims to be the fifth biggest metallurgical (or coking) coal producer globally in 2017.

Metallurgical coal is a low-ash, low-sulphur and low-phosphorus coal that can be used to produce high-grade coking coal – an essential part of the steelmaking process.

But even the positive outlook for metallurgical coal demand has not helped stop Coronado losing nearly 18 per cent since it lit up the boards in October.

Fewer than 30 per cent of the 120 or so companies that have listed in the past year are trading above their issue prices.

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Who’s taking a dive

Kiwi soil tech business CropLogic (ASX:CLI) is still at the bottom of the list since its debut in September last year, wiping off nearly 87 per cent to trade at 2.7c.

Online share registry venture Registry Direct (ASX:RD1) has also failed to impress, sliding nearly 85 per cent to 3.1c.

Registry Direct targets public listed and unlisted companies, in a bid to nibble away at the market share of industry behemoths Computershare and Link Market Services.

The company’s chairman, Donald McLay, recently sold down his stake by a little over 2 per cent, pocketing $105,000 from the off-market sale.

Platinum explorer Podium Minerals (ASX:POD) and gold explorer Riversgold (ASX:RGL) have both tumbled around 62 per cent to trade at 7.5c and 7.6c respectively.

Podium, which listed in February, recently delivered a maiden resource for its Parks Reef project, but the news failed to excite investors.

The project hosts 340,000 ounces of combined platinum, palladium and gold, 14,300 tonnes of copper, and 11,400 tonnes of nickel.

Riversgold listed in October last year and is exploring for gold in Australia and Alaska.

Cyber security company WhiteHawk (ASX:WHK) is also struggling to gain traction despite recently being named the US government’s new cyber risk consultant.

WhiteHawk’s share price has dived 59 per cent to 8.2c since it listed in January.

The company is a cloud-based cyber security exchange platform that offers virtual consultations.

Who’s on a high 

Business software maker Cape Range (ASX:CAG) is still the top performing IPO, becoming a 10-bagger since it listed in late November last year.

After doing nothing following its debut at 20c, the stock suddenly took off at the start of July and landed itself a please explain from the ASX over the sudden share price spike that eventually took it to a new high of $2.25.

It is currently trading at $2.06.

3D printer Titomic (ASX:TTT) is also still enjoying massive gains, having advanced nearly 840 per cent since its debut in September last year.

Titomic listed after a $6.5m IPO with a vision to build the world’s biggest and fastest metal 3D printer.

It launched that printer in Melbourne in May. Titomic was last trading around $1.88.

China-focused retailer AuMake International (ASX:AU8) has rallied 250 per cent since its October 2017 debut.

AuMake posted increased sales and profit for the September quarter ahead of its launch into the milk formula market, expected later this year.

The company booked $10.1m in sales, up 43 per cent on the June quarter, and made gross profit of $1.8m, up 63pc on June’s $1.1m.

AuMake was last trading at about 28c.

Tando Resources (ASX:TNO), meanwhile, has advanced 167 per cent (it recently underwent a 4.62-for-1 share split) and is trading at about 11.5c.

The company, which made its ASX debut in November last year, is advancing its SPD project in South Africa towards a maiden JORC resource.

JORC refers to the mining industry’s official code for reporting exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves, managed by the Australasian Joint Ore Reserves Committee.

Vanadium prices recently hit their highest point since 2005, punching through the $US20 ($27.73) per pound mark in September and have since rocketed past $US30 per pound — a 300 per cent increase just this year.

Gold play Saturn Metals (ASX:STN) is ahead 30 per cent since it lit up the boards and is trading around 26c.

Saturn, which was spun out of NSW-focused base metals explorer Peel Mining (ASX:PEX), listed in March after raising $7m in a heavily oversubscribed IPO.

The company is working to deliver a resource upgrade for its Apollo Hill gold project near Leonora in Western Australia.

Here’s a list of ASX IPOs from the past year or so:

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ASX codeCompanyReturn on IPO pricePrice Nov 6 (intraday)IPO issue priceMarket CapListing date
CAGCAPE RANGE9.32.060.2171.5MNov 30, 2017
TTTTITOMIC8.3751.8750.2239.7MSep 21, 2017
MCAMURRAY COD AUSTR2.60.180.0568.8MJan 30, 2017
AU8AUMAKE INTERNATI2.50.280.0876.0MOct 5, 2017
ADTADRIATIC MET2.150.630.281.7MMay 1, 2018
TNOTANDO RESOURCES1.674418604650.1150.04322.3MNov 3, 2017
SMXSECURITY MATTERS1.6250.5250.248.8MOct 2018
KTDKEYTONE DAIRY CO1.5250.5050.267.5MJul 18, 2018
PPEPEOPLE INFRASTRU1.042.041131.3MNov 22, 2017
EXLELIXINOL GLOBAL1.032.031239.1MJan 8, 2018
NWLNETWEALTH GROUP0.9513513513517.223.71.7BNov 20, 2017
AGHALTHEA GROUP HOL0.90.380.277.3MSep 21, 2018
CPVCLEARVUE TECHNOL0.8250.3650.232.6MMay 25, 2018
5GN5G NETWORKS0.70.4250.2522.7MNov 17, 2017
MRLMAYUR RESOURCES0.6750.670.4100.6MSep 21, 2017
RCLREADCLOUD0.550.310.227.1MFeb 7, 2018
CXLCALIX0.4905660377360.790.5397.1MJul 20, 2018
GASSTATE GAS0.450.290.233.7MOct 10, 2017
S66STAR COMBO PHARM0.350.6750.553.7MMay 16, 2018
PYGPAYGROUP0.30.650.533.6MMay 29, 2018
TLXTELIX PHARMA0.2769230769230.830.65171.9MNov 15, 2017
WGNWAGNERS HOLDING0.2287822878233.332.71545.4MDec 8, 2017
PVSPIVOTAL SYST-CDI0.1935483870972.221.86246.4MJul 2, 2018
HLAHEALTHIA0.151.15172.5MSep 11, 2018
RCWRIGHTCROWD0.1166666666670.3350.345.9MSep 18, 2017
STGSTRAKER0.09933774834441.661.5187.3MOct 22, 2018
TGOTRIMANTIUM GROWT0.081.081120.0MMar 16, 2018
CWXCARAWINE RESOURC0.0750.2150.212.0MDec 14, 2018
OKROKAPI RESOURCES00.20.26.9MSep 28, 2017
PKDPARKD00.20.216.2MDec 6, 2017
SP3SPECTUR00.20.211.5MAug 1, 2017
TMRTEMPUS RESOURCES00.20.27.3MAug 15, 2018
PGXPRIMERO GROUP-0.01250.3950.459.0MJul 9, 2018
PFPPROPEL FUNERAL P-0.02222222222222.642.7260.1MNov 23, 2017
ID8IDENTITII-0.02666666666670.730.7523.2MOct 17, 2018
NTDNATIONAL TYRE &-0.030.97199.6MDec 15, 2017
BAHBOJUN AGRICULTUR-0.03333333333330.290.335.2MDec 1, 2017
NEWNEW ENERGY SOLAR-0.04666666666671.431.5497.1MDec 4, 2017
DBFDUXTON BROADACRE-0.06666666666671.41.560.4MFeb 8, 2018
ARNALDORO RESOURCES-0.0750.1850.26.4MSep 11, 2018
SECSPHERIA EMERGING-0.11.82119.1MDec 5, 2017
QEMQEM- 19, 2018
IXUIXUP-0.1250.1750.228.5MNov 15, 2017
WWGWISEWAY LOGISTICS-0.160.420.552MOct 31, 2018
JLGJOHNS LYNG GROUP-0.160.841186.4MOct 26, 2017
VEAVIVA ENERGY GROU-0.1642.092.54.0BJul 13, 2018
14D1414 DEGREES-0.1714285714290.290.3548.3MSep 21, 2018
BGTBIO-GENE TECH-0.1750.1650.221.7MNov 29, 2017
NSBNEUROSCIENTIFIC-0.1750.1650.212.1MJul 27, 2018
CRMCORONADO-0.17753.2943BOct 23, 2018
AS1ANGEL SEAFOOD HO-0.2250.1550.219.5MFeb 21, 2018
CP1CANNPAL ANIMAL-0.2250.1550.214.4MOct 25, 2017
EMNEURO MANGANE-CDI-0.2307692307690.20.2635.8MOct 2018
JMSJUPITER MINES-0.23750.3050.4597.5MApr, 2018
AR9ARCHTIS- 21, 2018
ED1EVANS DIXON-0.261.852.5422.6MMay 14, 2018
CRDCREDIBLE LAB-0.2727272727270.881.21229.3MDec 8, 2017
BCBBOWEN COKING COA-0.3043478260870.0160.0239.2MOct 10, 2017
B2YBOUNTY MINING-0.3428571428570.230.3590.5MJun 19, 2018
BDGBLACK DRAGON GOL-0.350.130.214.4MAug 29, 2018
PRZPARAZERO-0.350.130.211.4MJun 18, 2018
WOAWIDE OPEN AGRICU-0.3750.1250.28.8MJul 6, 2018
OGAOCEAN GROWN ABAL-0.380.1550.2527.0MNov 14, 2017
MKGMAKO GOLD- 16, 2018
VN8VONEX- 13, 2018
CG1CARBONXT GROUP-0.4142857142860.410.733.4MJan 23, 2018
WNDWINDLAB-0.42751.145287.9MAug 23, 2017
SILSMILES INCLUSIVE-0.430.57138.8MApr 27, 2018
P2PP2P TRANSPORT-0.4318181818180.751.3262.4MDec 13, 2017
MMMMARLEY SPOON -0.4436619718310.791.4291.4MJul 2, 2018
TAOTAO COMMODITIES-0.450.110.23.4MApr 16, 2018
KSSKLEOS SPACE SA-0.4750.1050.210.3MAug 24, 2018
SISSIMBLE SOLUTIONS-0.4750.1050.211.9MFeb 22, 2018
BYHBRYAH RESOURCES-0.5050.0990.25.6MOct 17, 2017
N27NORTHERN COBALT-0.5050.0990.24.6MSep 22, 2017
BEMBLACKEARTH MINER-0.5150.0970.25.9MJan 2018
WMLWOOMERA MINING L-0.5150.0970.210.9MMar 5, 2018
NUSNUSANTARA RESOUR-0.523809523810.20.4224.6MAug 2, 2017
CY5CYGNUS GOLD-0.5350.0930.25.6MJan 15, 2018
GO2GO2 PEOPLE-0.540.0920.210.9MOct 31, 2017
SWFSELFWEALTH-0.550.090.211.7MNov 23, 2017
SDXSIENNA CANCER-0.5750.0850.222.7MAug 3, 2017
NC6NANOLLOSE-0.590.0820.26.1MOct 16, 2017
WHKWHITEHAWK-0.590.0820.26.7MJan 24, 2018
RGLRIVERSGOLD-0.620.0760.26.7MOct 10, 2017
PODPODIUM MINERALS-0.6250.0750.27.2MFeb 28, 2018
RZIRAIZ INVEST-0.6277777777780.671.843.7MJun 21, 2018
TIETIETTO MINERALS-0.6450.0710.215.8MJan 18, 2018
CCGCOMMSCHOICE GROU-0.680.080.258.7MDec 21, 2017
EN1ENGAGE:BDR-0.7350.0530.215.1MDec 14, 2017
FDXFRONTIER DIAMOND-0.780.0440.210.3MJan 5, 2018
RD1REGISTRY DIRECT-0.8450.0310.24.0MNov 1, 2017
CLICROPLOGIC-0.8650.0270.23.3MSep 12, 2017


Who’s next in line to make an ASX debut

Perth-based gold and lithium explorer Golden State Mining is set to ring the bell on Thursday, November 8 at 2pm AEDT.

The company announced on Tuesday it had been admitted to the “Official List” after raising around $4.6 million in its IPO.

EMvision Medical Devices has launched an IPO to raise up to $6m via the issue of shares at 25c each.

The company is developing medical imaging technology that utilises electromagnetic microwave energy to create images of the human brain and other organs.

Once its IPO is completed, which is penned in for November 14, EMvision will acquire the intellectual property to develop and commercialise the technology.

The company’s initial focus is neurological conditions, specifically stroke care due to the clinical need and potentially large commercial opportunity.

EMvision is aiming to list by the end of November under the ticker “EMV”.

Gold and copper play Norwest Minerals, which is aiming for a November 29 debut, just needs to get its spread of retail investors and looks set to close its IPO earlier than the mid-November deadline.

The company, which was spun out of battery metals-focused Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ), has already got its quota of institutional investors for its $6.6m IPO, which is being managed by Terrain Capital.

“It’s scheduled to close on the 15th of November, but I think we’re likely to close early with the rate at which subscribers are coming on to get the spread that we need,” Terrain Capital director Dominic Marinelli told Stockhead recently.

Cowan Lithium has extended the closing date of its $8m IPO until November 8 and is aiming to list by November 21.

The Perth-based company, which was spun out of Tawana Resources (ASX:TAW) earlier this year, has two main lithium projects, Cowan and Yallari, in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia plus an iron ore project in Liberia.

Perth-based gold and base metals explorer Caprice Resources is also delayed in making its ASX debut.

The company had been targeting a September listing on the back of $4.5m IPO, but has pushed the expected date to November 20.

Caprice has two projects in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Titanium Sands has raised the $6.6m it was targeting to relist on the ASX.

The explorer has been trying to relist since early April.

Earlier this year, Titanium Sands struck a deal to acquire Srinel Holdings Limited, which owns a high-grade ilmenite-leucoxene project on Mannar Island in northwest Sri Lanka.

Ilmenite is the main source of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is used in paints, fabrics, plastics, paper, sunscreen, food and cosmetics.

Leucoxene is a fine, granular alteration product of titanium minerals. Although it is not a recognised mineral species, the name leucoxene has been applied to products with a TiO2 titanium content ranging from 70 per cent to 93 per cent.

Here’s a list of upcoming IPOs:

Swipe or scroll to reveal full table. Click headings to sort

CompanyASX codeIPO statusFocusFund raisingIssue price
3G Coal3GCOffer open Oct 3 to Nov 9; due to list Nov 30Coking coal$6m20c
AMD Resources ADMCancelledGold, silver$22m50c
Andes Resources-Planning IPO this year; prospectus not yet lodgedGold$3-5m-
archTISAR9Delayed; was due to list Aug 27Data security$8-10m20c
Awati ResourcesAWAPostponedGold$4.5-5.5m20c
Biomics BiopharmaBBMDelayed multiple timesChina-based biotech$13-16m20c
Candy Club-In pre-IPO rounds; considering floatSubscription confectionaryunknown-
Canterbury ResourcesCBYListing date extended to Nov 22Copper, gold$7.8m30c
Caprice ResourcesCRSListing date extended to Nov 20Gold, base metals$4.5m20c
Carnaby Resources-Prospectus not yet issuedGoldunknown-
Centaur ResourcesCR3Offer open Oct 4-25. Listing due Nov 6Lithium and other battery metals$15m20c
China TrackCTCDelayed; was due to list Jun 11Bulldozer parts$32-40m80c
Cowan LithiumCOWSpin-off from Tawana; Now due to list Nov 21Lithium$6-8m20c
EcoMag-Postponed until later in 2018Magnesium$3-5m20c
Eden HealthETKWas due to list Jul 11Kiwi fruit-focused AgTech$15.6-20m20c
EMvision Medical DevicesEMVDue to list Nov 30Develops and commercialises medical imaging technology.$6m25c
Expose Resources-Raising seed capital; aiming to list this yearGold$500k10c
Fiji KavaFIJDue to list Nov 29Therapeutic goods company$5.2m20c
Frugl Pre-IPO funding; planning listingGrocery price comparison tba-
Golden State MiningGSMOffer closed; Due to list Nov 8Gold$4.5-5.5m20c
Haixi PharmaHXPDelayed multiple timesChina-based, pain relief biotech$25-30m50c
Hao Xian Yang--Beef, mutton and vegetarian meat$1-1.5m20c
HealthiaWas due to list on Sep 11Podiatry$26.8m$1
HeraMEDHMDOffer closes Nov 16; Due to list Dec 4At-home pregnancy monitoring tech start-up$6m20c
International Cobalt ResourcesICROffer closes Oct 11; Due to list Oct 22Cobalt, nickel, gold$5-6m30c
Jobstore GroupJOBOffer closes Nov 13; due to list Dec 5AI-powered recruitment$6.6-8m20c
Kaiyun Holdings-Closing Oct 15; due to list Oct 29 on NSXChina-focused copper and gold$3-4m20c
METALS 479ML7CancelledSilver$5-7m-
Moho ResourcesMOHWas due to list Sep 29Gold, nickel, copper$4.5-6m20c
Montem ResourcesMR1Offer extended to Nov 21; Now due to list Dec 4Canada-focused coking coal$15-20m50c
NanoveuNVUOffer closes Oct 19; Due to list Nov 13D image technology$4.5-6m20c
Neuroscientific BiopharmaNSBWas due to list in JulyAlzheimer’s$5-6m20c
Nice-VendCancelledSlushy machines$7.5m20c
NichelivingNLHExtended to Sep 14Residential developer$5-12m50c
Norwest MineralsNWMSpin-off from Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ) due to list Oct 29Gold and base metals$6.6m20c
Ocean GuardianOCGCancelledShark deterrent$5m-
Power Asia LimitedP88Offer extendedRenewable energy$9m20c
ProspaPGLPostponedSmall business loans$146m3.64
Rolek ResourcesRLKBackdoor listing via Shaw River (ASX:SRR); Listing scheduled for late DecemberManganese$5m2c
Rong Yu PharmaRY8DelayedTraditional Chinese Medicine$14-20m20c
Secure2Go GroupS2GPostponed indefinitelyCyber security$4-5m30c
Shekel Brainweigh-Offer due to close Oct 12; Due to list Oct 26Weighing technologies$10.15m35c
SpreedboxSBXCancelledCloud computing$4.2-4.9m20c
Stealth GlobalSGIDue to list Sep 19Workplace product distributor$12.5m20c
StirfireSFSCancelledVideo games$5-7m20c
Tartana Resources-IPO suspended due to ASIC queryZinc, copper$5-6m-
Trigg MiningTMGPostponed indefinitelyPotash$4-6m-
Tymlez GroupTYMDue to list Dec 7Blockchain$8m22c
Universal BiosecurityUBLDelayedSafe pest control$5m20c
XS ResourcesXS1Due to list Nov 29Precious, base metals$4.5m20c
Yandal ResourcesYRLIPO due to close Dec 3; Due to list Dec 19Gold$5m20c
Zaige Waste ManagementZGZDelayedChina-based recycling$14-20m0.2