Stockhead’s resident Health and Biotech expert Tim Boreham is putting down the stethoscope and picking up the microphone for a new segment. Say hello to The Health Kick Podcast.

For his inaugural episode Tim interviews Chris Hart, founder, managing director and CEO of Oventus Medical (ASX:OVN).

Oventus is an Australian medical device company focused on the creation and distribution of airway technologies.

The company’s key focus is its range of medical devices that improve comfort during sleeping for patients suffering from various ailments including sleep apnoea and snoring, as well as secondary effects such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Since mid-June the company has seen a monumental rise in its share price, which has jumped 285 per cent from 19c to around 77c.

Chatting from a laboratory somewhere on the east coast, the pair discuss the war on snoring, spousal homicide and the mouth guard that caught Alan Moss’ eye.