Like any crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to new investment strategies, as capital flows pivot to sectors poised to benefit from the unexpected disruption.

And of all the industries that have seen a pickup in activity, the push for telehealth solutions has arguably gotten the most interest of all.

From policymakers to healthcare professionals, the pandemic has been the catalyst for a renewed sense of urgency in establishing the market for new technology that facilities remote treatment solutions.

At Stockhead, part of our job is identifying key shifts in the investment landscape and shining a light on them to help our readers develop an informed view.

And there are a number of companies – both ASX-listed small caps and private businesses – leveraged directly to the increased demand for telehealth.

In view of that, the sector is the ideal candidate to be the focus of our first video conference — Stockhead V-Con: The Future of TeleHealth, which will be released next Monday.

The innovative format will feature five sessions, comprising both company presentations and interview panels hosted by Dr Nigel Finch.

To give viewers a broad overview of the sector, session one will feature an interview with Dr Finch and leading healthcare analyst Scott Power, along with fellow Morgans analyst Iain Wilkie.

Also highlighting the schedule will be an interview with Dr Finch and cardiologist Dr Ross Walker, offering viewers the opportunity to gain insights on key trends from the perspective of a healthcare practitioner.

And accompanying that, viewers will get access to market updates straight from telehealth companies themselves.

Representatives of nine companies are scheduled to appear, comprising five ASX-listed small caps and another four leading companies in the private space.

Running just over two hours all up, the Stockhead V-Con will provide the ideal opportunity for investors to get up to date on the sector, in a simple-to-use format with insights you can’t find anywhere else. Be sure to tune in on Monday!