Thirty seconds of snoring sounds hardly sounds like an enticing sales pitch but for Impression Healthcare’s latest anti-snoring device, it seemed to do the trick.

Dubbed the Sleep Guardian, Impression’s (ASX:IHL) latest product is a $500 mouth guard that helps prevent snoring by re-aligning the jaw while sleeping.

Ahead of its launch, Impression pushed out a 30-second Facebook video of “what snoring sounds like”, garnering 110,000 views and helping push early sales and lead enquiries.

Impression’s shares closed up 7 per cent at 3c on Thursday, valuing the company at $4.7 million.

Based on a German technology used by 4 million people worldwide, the Sleep Guardian “consists of an upper and lower jaw splint that are connected in such a way as to push the lower jaw forward relative to the upper jaw,” according to Impression.

“This counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tract, reducing the vibration of tissue at the back of the mouth that causes snoring.”

The device is said to be comfortable to wear and can be fitted without visiting a dentist.

About 20 per cent of Australians — or 4.9 million people — snore at night, according to Victoria’s  Department of Health & Human Services.

Products like Sleep Guardian claim to reduce snoring by up to 80 per cent and apnoea or hypopnoea by up to 50 per cent.

“Snoring and sleep apnoea are medical issues that are increasingly being treated for associated health and wellbeing benefits,” chief executive Matt Weston told investors.

“The Sleep Guardian is a highly accessible and affordable solution that will allow more consumers to buy high-quality, custom-fit anti-snoring devices that may have previously been out of their price range.”

Impression Healthcare made $141,000 in sales last quarter, but burned $603,000 in operating costs.

It had $323,000 in the bank at the end of September and intends spending $860,000 this quarter.