Hair and skincare marketer BWX announced fabulous results today — but it wasn’t  enough to please the market, which sent the stock down almost 3 per cent.

BWX (ASX:BWX), which sells the Sukin brand of “natural” skincare products, has made a push into the US and Asia over the past year.

Net profit increased 11 per cent to $13.4 million in 2016-17. Revenue was up 34 per cent to $72.7 million and the bank book was flush with $11 million cash, up from $2.6 million at the start of the financial year.

Profit margins were slim, thanks to the $US38.4 million acquisition in June this year of US natural cosmetics brand Mineral Fusion. Debt was up to $85.9 million — but there wasn’t much not to like.

BWX chief John Humble has been contacted for comment, but some shareholders on stockmarket forum Hot Copper believed the company’s growth had already been factored into its share price.

Strong sales at home in Australia were matched by similar growth overseas, with the Brits, Canadians and Chinese beating New Zealand in sales revenue.

This year BWX also established the Sukin brand in Holland, Malaysia, Hong Kong and are looking at India, Israel, the UAE and Germany.

BWX is forecasting EBITDA growth in fiscal 2018 to exceed the 30.7 per cent increase they saw this year.