The recent announcement of the metaverse initiative by Facebook’s parent company has brought into focus the scalable, globally accessible telemedicine and teleconsultation applications being developed by Singular Health.

Singular Health Group has officially integrated the Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) software into 3Dicom, creating a collaborative real-time virtual reality and 3D environment for visualising, collaborating, and designing patient specific components using medical data.

This VSP software is allowing Singular Health to lead the way into becoming one of the key players in what some are calling the Mediverse. The Mediverse is set to become a medical sphere of the Facebook developed Metaverse.

Over the last few years Singular Health has led the 3D medical imaging space and is looking to further develop and grow their influence on fast growing metaverse to develop their product and the growth of the Mediverse space.

It has also started beta testing its 3Dicom Lite software with full 3D collaboration capabilities, aligning both the software and the company with the recently announced metaverse initiative from Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company.

The 3Dicom suite of software provides the possibility for patient-practitioner consults, while viewing a virtual twin of the patient’s anatomy and allows medical practitioners to collaboratively plan cases and design patient specific parts.

Key strategic step

Singular Health (ASX:SHG) chief executive officer Thomas Hanly said Singular Health “welcomes the attention to the metaverse by recent announcements made by Meta Platforms as it validates both the technical and commercial vision on which the company was built”.

“In addition to improved surgical planning, the development of VSP and 3Dicom Lite represents a key strategic step into providing medical decision support tools in telemedicine and gives practitioners and their patients information that is secure, clear, and easy to understand.”

Singular Health
Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) with the manipulation tool. Pic: Supplied

For the past two years, Singular Health has been using some of the essential components that ultimately comprise the metaverse including Virtual Reality, collaboration, and Artificial Intelligence.

Singular Health has been part of the Oculus Independent Software Vendor program since 2019 and the recent operational focus on the integration of VSP into the wireless Oculus Quest 2 VR headset provides the company’s VR software with global scale and a proven third-party supply chain for ordering, delivery, and setup.

Oculus is also owned by Meta Platforms.

Collaboration tools in full suite of 3Dicom

Singular Health has also built collaboration tools into its full suite of 3Dicom viewer tools including its recent release of 3Dicom Lite.

This online version of 3Dicom Lite enables an enterprise deployment of Singular’s 3Dicom software.

The deployment can be on local servers or delivered as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) model using HIPAA compliant cloud servers.

SHG says collaborative voice and text chat features are being integrated into most of the 3Dicom suite, including 3Dicom Surgical, on desktop devices to allow for fully interactive and collaborative telemedicine, visualisation, and multi-disciplinary discussions between medical practitioners globally.




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