Medical cannabis investor Queensland Bauxite is obviously experiencing a purple patch, announcing the second of two “world firsts” within two months.

The miner-cum-cannabis investor (ASX:QBL) today reported “A WORLD FIRST FOR MCL IN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE RESEARCH”.

MCL is QBL’s 55 per cent-owned Medical Cannabis Ltd subsidiary.

Just last December QBL reported it was testing another “world first” — a cannabis pain relief pill.

Medical Cannabis Ltd is funding Technion Research & Development Foundation professor David Meiri’s research into medical cannabis treatments for Multiple Sclerosis.

The company does not explain the latest “world first” in a 10-page statement to the ASX.

Research into how cannabis affects the treatment of MShas taken place in several countries around the world, focusing on areas such as spasticity, pain and incontinence.

Medical Cannabis Ltd has inked other research and commercial deals in Israel and elsewhere in the world so the “world first” could mean it has not yet funded Multiple Sclerosis research, or worked with that specific institution.

Medical Cannabis Ltd has been contacted for comment.

The company has promised to fund the program to the tune of $US3 million ($3.8 million) over three years, in return for an exclusive license to MS or autoimmune treatments developed by the research.

Queensland Bauxite shares made early gains on Monday morning, but closed the day down 4 per cent at 5.4c.