Special Report: Bone healing company Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has lined up a US partner whose blood and cell technology complements its own regenerative implants.

Singapore and Perth-based Osteopore announced on Monday that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, to collaborate and sell their respective regenerative products throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Lakewood, Colorado-based Terumo has unique equipment for extracting a patient’s bone marrow in a concentrated manner, potentially enhancing regeneration. These “autologous biologics” are considered the gold standard in bone marrow transplants, because they are cells drawn from the patient’s own body, often the hip.

But in cases of trauma an autologous bone graft might not be possible, in which case Osteopore’s synthetic scaffolds can provide a structure to guide bone tissue formation.

The company also makes a plug to fill holes drilled in the skull for brain surgery. The 3D-printed products are “bioresorbable”, meaning they dissolve in a patient’s body so that after healing, no foreign material is left there.

Osteopore says the agreement will expose its products to Terumo’s extensive network of blood centres, hospitals, therapeutic clinics, researchers and private medical practices in the region.

The companies have also agreed to evaluate opportunities for post-market and investigator-led studies and to co-sponsor several key events and workshops to promote their respective products.

Their sales teams will undergo education for both products and develop a strategy, Osteopore said.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is a component of Terumo Corporation (TYO:4543), a Tokyo-based pharmaceutical and medical equipment company with more than 25,000 employees worldwide.

Picking up steam

Osteopore is also working with the medical researchers in Singapore about using its 3D printed implants in reconstructing lower jawbones.
The company in November signed its first-ever Australia and New Zealand distribution agreement, with Queensland-based surgical supplier LMT Surgical.

Osteopore made its debut on the ASX in 2019, in one of the strongest listings that year.

This article was developed in collaboration with Osteopore, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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