Investors have reacted positively to news MGC Pharma’s ArtemiC Support has shown promise in treating Long Covid, which is afflicting millions of people globally. 

 European based Biopharma MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX:MXC) (LON:MXC) has announced successful results of a clinical study into the influence of its proprietary product ArtemiC Support, on patients with Post-Acute COVID syndrome, also known as Long Covid.

MGC Pharma share volume is up 42% in London on the news, while its share price has risen 23%, the biggest price and volume movement for more than six months.

On the ASX, the MGC Pharma share price has risen more than 21% today to 2.3 cents on the trial results.


Long Covid a major public health concern

Long Covid refers to the ongoing health problems that people can experience four or more weeks after being infected with SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19.

There are various statistics as to how prevalent Long Covid is, but it has been earmarked as a major public health concern. Some studies have shown that Long Covid has affected more than 50% of all Covid-19 patients.

In an article published by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) it is estimated that up to 30% of patients might experience Long Covid after recovering—even if they weren’t very sick in the first place.

ArtemiC is MGC Pharma’s clinically tested food supplement product containing natural based ingredients.

The nutraceutical, developed by MGC Pharma, incorporates the Swiss PharmaCan AG (SPC) award winning MyCellTM technology, which increases the bioavailability of ArtemiC trademarked active ingredients at cell level.

The clinical study is being sponsored by SPC and co-sponsored by MGC Pharma and Glow LifeTech Ltd.

Undertaken in conjunction with primary care clinicals in Barcelona, CAP Can Bou and Sardenya EAP, the open label study, started with six-weeks of treatment with ArtemiC Support.

The study’s objectives were to assess the safety and efficacy of ArtemiC Support in Long Covid patients by measuring the symptoms’ severity using a Post-COVID Functional Scale (PCFS).


Symptoms reduce with ArtemiC Support

The study enrolled 150 patients suffering from Long Covid who administered ArtemiC Support, an oral spray, for six weeks under supervision of their doctor, with their progress being measured using a Post-Covid Functional Scale (PCFS) and a 10-point Likert scale 1, 2, 3 and 6 weeks after treatment initiation.

The symptoms measured include:

  1. Dyspnea – shortness of breath
  2. Asthenia – abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy
  3. Anosmia – loss of senses of smell
  4. Ageusia – loss of sense of taste
  5. Cough
  6. Headache
  7. Mental confusion

The results of the study demonstrated Artemic Support’s statistically significant efficacy in reducing the severity of several Long Covid symptoms, including dyspnea, cough, asthenia, headache, and mental confusion.

ArtemiC Support is the second product in MGC Pharma’s ArtemiC product range to progress to the clinical trial phase to determine safety and efficacy against SARS2-COV-2 related diseases.

In 2020 the company completed a Phase II clinical trial which demonstrated ArtemiCTM’s safety and efficacy in treating patients diagnosed with moderate Covid-19.


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