Special Report: Australian owned and operated health and wellness company Meluka Australia has bucked the global trend by officially expanding its range of bio-fermented honey and lemon concentrate drinks into the United States.

Eve Investments (ASX:EVE)‘ Meluka Australia has set its sights firmly on market expansion to the US with its premium bio-fermented honey and lemon concentrate drink range following its launch to Australian audiences in March.

Meluka Australia offers a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks that supports digestive health, and their bio-fermented honey range presents a great option for consumers looking to boost their immune system amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The product line-up will include Meluka Australia’s flagship Raw Probiotic Concentrate, a honey and lemon-flavoured drink free of gluten, lactose and alcohol. The product’s unique selling point is native raw honey as an ingredient combined with a papaya base which contains an enzyme to support digestive health.

Meluka Australia became one of the top 10 honey sellers on Amazon US following a successful soft-launch in the US earlier this year.

Meluka Australia CEO Ben Rohr said a targeted US expansion was the next logical step for the company as it marches towards its goal of becoming Australia’s leading, natively owned and operated premium honey and tea tree oil producer.

“Meluka Australia is entering the US market at an exciting time as we look to offer up a fresh new product that we know will resonate,” Rohr said.

Meluka Australia’s plans to expand to the US follow a targeted approach towards leveraging opportunities in growth markets with a proven appetite for premium Australian consumer goods.  While the North American market is front-of-mind for Meluka Australia, the company has also seen significant traction in Asia, particularly in China.

While global exports have taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Meluka Australia is not only surviving, but thriving. In an earlier company update, the Company confirmed it had put measures in place not only to ensure manufacturing continues operate as usual despite global economic pressures, but to ramp up operations to meet increased demand in Australia, New Zealand, the US and China.

In March this year, Meluka delivered its first shipment of over 21,000 units of honey to China, demonstrating the sizeable opportunity that’s ready to be seized for Australian exports.

Meluka Australia told Stockhead it had just ordered another 20,000 units of the Raw Honey Probiotic drink for manufacturing, which will be available to purchase from Amazon US and Meluka’s own website.

The spike in interest for Meluka’s products is encouraging for Australia’s honey industry, which is worth more than $100 million according to Austrade. On a global scale, the honey industry is worth more than US$2 billion and with its US launch now underway, Meluka Australia is well positioned to grab a significant portion of the market.

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