Aussie biotech Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) has just nailed a game-changing South East Asian distribution deal, opening the region up to its branded nutraceutical brands in the key target market.

The Aussie-listed MDC, which specialises in using nano-particle delivery technology to enhance medicinal effectiveness, says the deal with YesHealth (Malaysia) includes exclusive distribution rights for the biotech’s branded nutraceutical or VMS line of products into three new and highly-prospective Asian markets.

The binding five-year exclusive arrangement brings to the fore 12 MDC nutraceuticals, inclusive of one NanoCelle nutraceutical formulation into Malaysia and Vietnam – both as exclusive territories – and Singapore as non-exclusive.

Under the Agreement, Medlab will supply nutraceuticals on a cost-plus basis as well as receive royalties on net sales. But the inclusion of its proprietary tech platform NanoCelle is the real clincher.

Medlab has been getting excellent traction developing therapeutics via the next-gen NanoCelle platform.

MDC has focused on providing as much help as possible to people suffering badly with unmet medical needs. With NanoCelle, the company launched and continues to investigate targeted solutions for patients – building out both prescription and non-prescription ranges that meet the full gamut of therapeutic areas from pain management, mental health, gut health, through to specific conditions like diabetes, and even allergies.

MedLab CEO Dr Sean Hall says one of his long-term goals has been a move towards meeting the huge demand of patient needs in Asia, where there’s a vast, urgent and unmet market across ageing populations.

And with the new deal, Dr Hall says Medlab is determined to make a strong contribution toward easing the burden of illness on individuals, their carers and families as well as the associated cost-burdens for both taxpayers and governments.

The YesHealth tie-in is ideal, says Hall, with the Malaysian headquartered consumer health specialist founded by CEO and Managing Director Eddie Tie, delivering a two-prong  business strategy  deploying its target verticals in the Practitioner and General Public markets across both Malaysia and Vietnam.

While Vietnam’s post-war baby boom brings with it a broad demographic mix, the population looks like hitting 100 million any day now. Malaysia, at 33 million, might be plateauing, but the medical demand is still intense.

Under details of the deal, YesHealth will:

  • become the official distributor of NanoCelle and other Nutraceutical products for Medlab in Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as a non-exclusive distributor in Singapore;
  • be responsible for the registration of the products in their defined territories, and all sales, marketing, and logistics;
  • target pharmacy banners and integrative clinics in Malaysia and Vietnam, with a distribution goal of 2500 outlets distributing Medlab Branded Nutraceuticals; and
  • register and release ten nutraceutical products in Year One and with an eye to introduce additional items in Year Two

With strict Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approvals and the company’s focus on safety, technology and patient compliance, stability and outcomes, Dr Hall tells Stockhead the deal continues MDC’s strategic global distribution rollout.

“First it was PharmaCare here in Australia and then Cultech in the UK… The YesHealth deal sees our Australian nutraceutical products being partnered/licenced in further global territories, in line with our business model”

“Most markets we deal with or want to deal with are regulated; Malaysia and Vietnam are no exception, so it’s an advantage that our products are already listed by the TGA. As we understand it, our existing TGA records will significantly support any local registrations YesHealth might require.”


This article was developed in collaboration with Medlab Clinics, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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