What do Serious Kush, Super Skunk and 8 Ball Kush have to do with the ASX?

The three are just a few of the latest retail offerings from MMJ Phytotech’s major shareholding, Harvest One.

Canadian retail sales for the company are expected to kick off next month, with more than 325 kg of dried cannabis already in stock.

But not all cannabis was created equal.

Harvest One’s subsidiary United Greeneries will launch their offerings under two brands, the signature Captain’s Choice and premium brand, Royal High which includes the above varieties as well as Great White Shark and Chocolope.

Captain’s Choice however, will have slightly less creative product lines, instead donned Indica, Sativa and High-CBD.

Retail launch will coincide with the first import of Gelpell Microgel capsules of CBD isolate from Harvest One’s Swiss pharmaceutical subsidiary Satipharm, rounding out the company’s exposure to the whole cannabis value chain.

MMJ share price movements over the past six months. Source: Investing.com
MMJ share price movements over the past six months. Source: Investing.com

News of the soon-to-be-launched branding did little to excite MMJ Phytotech (ASX:MMJ) investors – its share price remained stagnant at 58c, down from highs of 83c in March.

It’s a step in the right direction for the $125 million company, which has a prescribed goal to become a large-scale producer, targeting the Canadian medical and recreational markets.

Earlier this year, it set its sights on further marijuana investments under the moniker of MMJ Capital.