Special Report: Medtech company HeraMED is collaborating with different entities in the US to drive maternity care forward.

Medical technology company HeraMED (ASX:HMD) is lining up partnerships spanning the clinical, research and corporate worlds, as it seeks to deepen the ways in which women can access its services.

The company wants to link up with important clinical players, woke companies, and smart researchers in the US as it ramps up its global commercialisation strategy for the HeraCARE digital prenatal care management platform.

The HeraCARE platform comprises of the Hera mobile monitoring app, a cloud-based dashboard and an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithm which all work together to support women through pregnancy by collecting data in real time (including foetal heart rate and the mother’s blood pressure, weight and mood) which is analysed and monitored by a team of trained professionals including the mother’s primary care manager – usually a GP, obstetrician or midwife.

The aim is for HeraCARE’s high-tech, high-touch model to, not only, provide better pregnancy outcomes for women but to also reduce costs for healthcare providers and stakeholders.

HeraMED’s new general manager of the US operations, Alex Radke, says greater collaboration with industry and researchers is to ultimately get the company’s solution into the hands of more women, and be at the forefront of better maternity care models.

The flexibility of the solution allows for multiple configurations optimised to the provider’s requirements and protocols while adopting local medical guidelines.

“If you look at what we’re trying to do it’s about connected care and deeper patient engagement. We’re redesigning the clinical process and maternity care around the needs of the patient,” he told Stockhead.

Already the company has one partnership in the research space, which will set a standard for how to interpret the enormous volumes of data HeraMED collates, and it is looking for others that can help to redefine maternity care.

In at all levels

Radke lists three areas they are targeting for partnerships.

The first is health researchers.

“Organisations that are innovative, have the strategic focus of enhancing access, creating better quality maternity care, and achieving better outcomes for pregnant women,” he said.

He expects the ideas and data generated by clinicians testing the HeraBEAT device will allow the company to prioritise the features that will not only create better outcomes for women, but also make a difference to decisions made “at the bedside”.

From its side, HeraMED will provide to researchers the technology and the data from users of its device and service, allowing clinicians to more deeply engage with patients and use AI and advanced analytics to look at ways they can more proactively intervene to prevent negative outcomes for mothers.

The second area is non-profits and professional societies that are leading the charge in breaking new ground around methods of clinical care.

By deepening partnerships with hospitals and medical centres, HeraMED hopes to engage with doctors — the primary point of contact in the delivery of care for pregnant women — and through them, their patients.

Finally, the third area is the corporate sector, and companies brave and forward thinking enough to offer maternity leave programs.

“We are looking at partnering with strategic corporations that are enhancing maternal benefits for women in the workforce, so they can be empowered to remain in their career and have more independence and autonomy,” Radke said.

“There are a few companies that are looking to offer enhanced fertility benefits we are looking to collaborate with.”

The US does not have universal paid maternity leave, although legislation passed late in 2019 has given federal employees 12 weeks of paid leave.

Radke says the company’s platform and service can help women decide on how much time off they need to take from work, and ensure they are empowered to return on their own terms.

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