Special Report: HeraMED will be marketing its HeraCARE digital health services to an expanded range of US healthcare providers after linking up with US telehealth company eCare21.

Medical tech company HeraMED (ASX:HMD), a leading provider of in-home maternity care, has teamed up with US-based virtual care platform eCare21 to offer its services in the US.

The partnership will allow HeraMED to integrate its services with those of eCare21’s through the US company’s eCare21 digital technology platform.

“The integration of the HeraCARE platform into the eCare21 platform is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, enabling us to begin marketing to an established pipeline of potential customers,” chief executive and co-founder, David Groberman, said.

HeraMED’s mother and baby heart monitoring device, HeraBEAT, is among the services to be included in the eCare21 platform, as is the company’s HeraCARE health services platform.

ECare21’s platform is powered by Dell Technologies and its services include telehealth services and remote patient monitoring.

HeraMED focused on forging business-to-business partnerships

HeraMED’s partnership agreement with eCare21 is complementary to the medical tech firm’s strategy of pursuing business-to-business linkages and allowing clinical validation by key medical opinion leaders to drive the adoption of its products.

“We continue to believe this partnership will enable a rapid take up of HeraCARE across healthcare providers,” added Groberman.

To date, ECare21 has focused on the market segment of patients with chronic medical conditions.

The platform facilitates the provision of medical services remotely to patients, enabling healthcare providers to analyse patient data for improved medical outcomes.

The US platform’s Community Care features will allow family members to remotely engage with expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy.

The integration process is already significantly advanced and is set for completion by the end of the year.

“We are delighted with the progress we have made to integrate the HeraCARE solution into the eCare21 platform, and we look forward to showcasing the platform to our existing clients as this represents the first virtual care platform for maternity care,” eCare21’s founder and chief executive, Vadim Cherdak, said.

Digital platform facilitates engagement between US patients and healthcare providers

A key feature of the partnership agreement is that it will enable both companies to approach medical organisations, healthcare providers and doctors’ clinics to increase awareness of HeraMED and its services in the US.

Both eCare21 and HeraMED will market and deliver the HeraCARE platform as a Software as a Service solution on the eCare21 digital platform.

Commercial rollout of the HeraMED services on the eCare21 platform is expected to follow a number of market-testing pilot projects.

Healthcare providers pay an upfront establishment fee and a monthly per user subscription.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to fast-track the adoption of digital healthcare to patients, including in the maternity healthcare sector.

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