Stockhead’s resident health and biotech expert Tim Boreham is putting down the microscope and picking up the microphone for another instalment of The Health Kick Podcast. 

In this episode Tim chats to Steven Yatomi-Clarke, CEO of Prescient Therapeutics (ASX:PTX).

Prescient Therapeutics develop novel, personalised therapies for a range of cancers. Prescient’s CAR-T and targeted therapies are personalised medicine approaches that aim to improve patient outcomes.

The company is set to join with the US’s largest cancer centre with the goal of creating best-in-class, adaptable CAR-T cell therapies to treat hematological malignancies.

Steven recently spoke with Stockhead about Prescient’s milestone few months and how he believes its recent momentum is just the beginning.

To hear Tim and Steve discuss all this and more, click below!