It’s shaping up as another coronavirus-related bloodbath on local markets this morning.

But within the listed small caps there are still some select winners — particularly health care stocks that report positive clinical updates.

Patrys (ASX:PAB) was one such company, ticking higher by 30 per cent this morning.


The company reported some promising pre-clinical results on animal data for its PAT-DX1-NP cancer treatment.

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Studies showed the treatment was able to “cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and successfully target triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) brain metastase”, the company said.

Using a mouse model for TNBC brain metastases, researchers at Yale University showed the treatment improved delivery of nanoparticles across the BBB by 260 per cent.

The company said the treatment had potential applications for regions of the brain that gathered more metastatic tissue — cancer that spreads elsewhere from its original point of growth.

PAT-DX1-NP is the uncoguated form of the PAT-DX1 treatment.

“The vast majority of small molecule therapeutics are unable to cross the BBB, and hence unable to be used as therapeutic interventions for disorders of the central nervous system,” Patrys said.

“As such, there is significant growing interest in using conjugated nanoparticles to cross the BBB and deliver various payloads to the brain to treat a range of pathologies.”

Patrys said the strong preliminary results provided the basis to support ongoing strategic collaboration discussions.

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