Stockhead’s resident Health and Biotech expert Tim Boreham is putting down the microscope and picking up the microphone for another instalment of The Health Kick Podcast.

In this episode Tim chats with Dr Michelle Miller, chief executive officer and managing director of Biotron (ASX:BIT).

Biotron has again blipped on investor radars, this time for its work on pan-respiratory viruses including the latest version of the coronavirus that threatens the global economy.

The company reports it is testing “several promising compounds” against the coronavirus, although any approved drug would still be some years away.

The announcement resulted in the company’s share price jumping 108 per cent from 7.8c to 16.5c.

Biotron back-door listed on the ASX in the early 2000s but it first rose to prominence for its novel treatments for hepatitis B and C and then HIV.

Back in September 2018, Biotron shares rose more than 10-fold after clinical trial results showed that its compound BIT 225 killed rather than just suppressed the HIV virus cells.

While effective antiretroviral drugs exist, there is currently no HIV ‘cure’.

So tune in to hear the pair discuss all things anti-viral drug development and coronavirus.

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